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20 Weeks pregnant

Week 20 starts on day 140 and goes up to day 147. It is your twenty-first pregnancy week.

Length of your baby: 25 centimeter / 9.8 inches
Weight of your baby: 320 grams / 11.3 ozs

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  • Baby ely

    I`m 20 weeks today ! Half way through! Can`t wait to have my lil baby boy in my arms! Congrats to those moms to be!

  • tanisha

    Just found out yesterday that I am having a girl!!! So excited!! One boy, One girl that is enough for me!!!

  • crystalt88

    20 Week and 3 days today with my baby boy!! He`s SO active, I feel him kicking several times a day most days, especially first thing in the morning and in the evenings or around bed time! And I love it!! I can`t wait for him to get even bigger I was having terrible back pains yesterday on my right side, and my doc said it could be the baby sitting or putting pressure on my right kidney since I have an abnormal shaped uterus. And it`s gone today, so it probably was my son LOL! I found out at 15 weeks I had placenta previa, but during my 20 week ultrasound I was told that the placenta has moved away from my cervix to the point that it is no longer previa!! Thank goodness And my son is perfectly healthy, so looking forward to April 8th 2014 when he`s due!

  • RobinEpps1980

    I`m twenty weeks!!! The baby is moving around a lot!!! I feel like I`m being head butted from the inside. I`m so excited! Finding out the sex in 6 days!!! Congrats moms!!!!

  • Mommytobe4-4-14

    20 weeks and 3 days today!! I have a VERY active lil girl, moves constantly!even wrote me up two nights ago because she moves so much. Can`t wait to meet my lil angel :)

  • Wampuskat

    Almost 21 weeks with sweet Bebe H, a wittle girl. Finally started feeling movement, as I thought I already would have been since I`ve had two kids already. When we go to the high school football games, and people start stomping in the bleachers and yelling and screaming and cheering, she gets very `uneasy`? I can`t feel pokes or jabs, but can tell she gets very squirmy, and it makes my tummy uneasy. I don`t know if she`s uneasy and scared from the noise, or if she`s wanting to cheer them along as well!!

  • Christine

    I m 20 weeks and 6 days I am having the worst back pain that I can walk

  • Christine

    I am 20 weeks and 3days from when I got pregnant till now I feel sleep I hv no energy it`s number 4 boy but I don`t remember feeling this drowsy from my last 3 pregnancy lol

  • kvs bundle of joy


  • kvs bundle of joy

    This is for ERCHRIS i also had that problem but i got a salt lamp put in my room u can look them up but it really does wrk i can actually slp thru the night if im not getn up to use the bathroom lol...

  • erchris

    I am new on here, I am having my 4th boy and already getting restless at night. Does anyone recommend anything natural to aid with sleep. Thanks.

  • rukky

    I feel gr8 in week 20. I eat very well due 2 hunger almost every hour, all d pregnancy associated ailments are gone except 4 d bad taste in my mouth

  • Samanthaa18

    20 Weeks & 1 Day (:

  • sheenab

  • sheenab

    today is the beginning of my 20 week nd went to the doc nd find out I`m having a baby girl! yea I`m so happy

  • chysue86

    we are having a girl and we just named her mikyla, kyla for short, or just kikiki!!!!!!!!!!! its so exciting cant wait to go shopping

  • jozy30

    Yes I have an active baby! Its so great to be half way I can`t wait till the end though my back is already shot Lol is anyone else keeping the gender a surprise?

  • Twinsmom

    @Twinsmom - “Having 2 little prin...„

  • Twinsmom

    Having 2 little princesses.... :) :)

  • hcalliham

    HI Everyone, I finally felt the baby moving and now I feel him from when I open my eyes in the morning until I go to sleep. Does anyone else have such a busy baby?

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If you are 20 pregnant your due date is from Saturday, 10 July 2021 through Friday, 16 July 2021.

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