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20 Weeks pregnant

Week 20 starts on day 140 and goes up to day 147. It is your twenty-first pregnancy week.

Length of your baby: 25 centimeter / 9.8 inches
Weight of your baby: 320 grams / 11.3 ozs

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  • castleky

    20 weeks 2 days today!! Had my ultrasound today and baby looks great. We found out we are having a BOY!! So excited for the next few months as our little guy develops and becomes more active.

  • aimieurbaby101

    I have only felt my baby once or twice with tiny little beats like heart beats it was a week ago then it just stopped. Is this normal or should I be worried

  • Jesica89

    I was suppose to find out the gender today, hospital was shut down due to icy weather!! I`m crushed.... I`m so ready to know what I`m having

  • shonakrugel

    @Christine - “I m 20 weeks and 6 d...„

  • disbeangela

    So excited! :)

  • dellybean

    20weeks and 1 day. We found out last week that we are having a girl (our forth child) so excited and over the moon we are having another girl :)

  • Lyndsy-Lou

    Almost 21 weeks and I found out last week our first baby is a girl. So very happy and I can`t wait to meet our little princess. I am on cloud 9 right now.

  • bedazzledlv

    Found out today at 20 weeks 1 day that Im having a BOY!

  • coqueta4life

    Finally today I found out I am having a girl yaaaay im so happy. I alredy have a girl and a boy now my third is another princess.

  • suprmom28

    Another little girl...putting the final count at 4 girls and 1 boy :-)

  • delisea5

    So excited after 4 boys I`m finally expecting a girl, not getting my hopes up to high though but still super excited!!!!!!!!

  • NicoleBriganti3

    20 weeks 3 days today with finally a lil boy we hace 3 girls. Movements are getying stronget but only i can feel so far. Ready for Daddy & our daughters to be able to feel ad well. April cant come fadt enough we are ready to see baby Easton!!

  • tessia7071

    This week is my 20th week, and I won`t know the gender until Dec 23. I have an ultrasound tomorrow, I wished they would tell me then...congrats, ladies.

  • Shante

    Hey the beautiful pregnant women!!!!! I`m exicited this our first child and where havin a lil princess!!!!And I`m 20 weeks today yeah!!!

  • 1GirlAndOneOnTheWay

    Had my 20 week scan today, everything went great! Tech said my Baby Girl is growing beautifully <3 I am so in love already ! She is my second daughter, my other daughter will be 10 in January. They are my two blessings xoxoxo Good Luck to everyone !

  • lmangat

    I`m 20 weeks and 3 days today. I was lucky enough to start feeling very slight bubble popping or involuntary muscle twitch sensations from 16 and a half weeks. They have become more noticeable now

  • Baby ely

    I`m 20 weeks today ! Half way through! Can`t wait to have my lil baby boy in my arms! Congrats to those moms to be!

  • tanisha

    Just found out yesterday that I am having a girl!!! So excited!! One boy, One girl that is enough for me!!!

  • crystalt88

    20 Week and 3 days today with my baby boy!! He`s SO active, I feel him kicking several times a day most days, especially first thing in the morning and in the evenings or around bed time! And I love it!! I can`t wait for him to get even bigger I was having terrible back pains yesterday on my right side, and my doc said it could be the baby sitting or putting pressure on my right kidney since I have an abnormal shaped uterus. And it`s gone today, so it probably was my son LOL! I found out at 15 weeks I had placenta previa, but during my 20 week ultrasound I was told that the placenta has moved away from my cervix to the point that it is no longer previa!! Thank goodness And my son is perfectly healthy, so looking forward to April 8th 2014 when he`s due!

  • RobinEpps1980

    I`m twenty weeks!!! The baby is moving around a lot!!! I feel like I`m being head butted from the inside. I`m so excited! Finding out the sex in 6 days!!! Congrats moms!!!!

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If you are 20 pregnant your due date is from Tuesday, 7 July 2020 through Monday, 13 July 2020.

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