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20 Weeks pregnant

Week 20 starts on day 140 and goes up to day 147. It is your twenty-first pregnancy week.

Length of your baby: 25 centimeter / 9.8 inches
Weight of your baby: 320 grams / 11.3 ozs

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  • najoojy622

    20weeks 2 days wohooo!! Ultrasound today!!!

  • sarahboo91

    20m weeks today!!! Found out Tuesday the 29th i`m having another boy!!! #3

  • sunshine1978

    Yes, I am keeping the gender as a suprise. I`l know on the delivery day

  • Dalia

    20 weeks and 3 days today.... Feeling very tired and exhausted...! When I found out I was pregnant I was only 57kg and now I`m allready 76kg .... I don`t know what to do as I don`t have craving anymore and as the days goes by I feel less appetite to eat... I`m always sick and vomiting the only things that can sustain me of not being sick Is Ice, apples and salt.... Anything else comes in and goes out immediately.... And other thing is that I badly sleep because I`m constantly dreamming though they are not dreams buy nightmares...... I`m really stressed right now... The only thing that makes laugh is when I feel his little movements...

  • vir

    20 weeks today yay

  • BeeMommy2Bee

    @aimieurbaby101 - “I have only felt my ...„
    I started feeling my baby at 17weeks. The frst time i felt it i waslike omg.but then i didnt feel it ahain til later about a week. They say the baby moves all the time. Somete we wont feel the movements. I worrystimes too. Im 20weeks...sum days i feel the baby more than other days. I guess as the days prpgress will start feeling every single movememt.

  • bre2014

    Its a boy!!!!!

  • bre2014

    Today is the big u/s I get to find out what I`m having excited and nervous at the same time

  • Momin2014

    20 weeks today! We found out friday, that we are not having a boy after all. We`re having a girl! I continue to pray for a 100% healthy baby and pregnancy free of complications for all of us.

  • dmarie22

    It`s a girl!!!!! I`m so happy

  • mandz78

    had scan and we`re having a girl really pleased as my hubby really wanted a girl xxx

  • mandz78

    20+2 scan today and hopefully find out the sex

  • love21

    i am 20 weeks i am so HAPPY ! <3 i cant wait to Find Out
    what am ` Having Tomorrow : )

  • Britnthakids

    20wks and 4days with twins b/g is kicking my tail. But so excited it will all be worth it in the end. I cant wait to meet them but want them to cook as long as possible. Not so sure what to expect since this is my first twin pregnancy and has been nothing like my first 3 singleton pregnancy`s.

  • megalish

    Halfway there!!! Yay! I`m so excited to meet this little girl.

  • mrstroxail

    still have 3 months to go to find out feels like forever im only seven weeks cant wait to feel the baby move

  • HeatherJ

    20w today!! 6 more days and we find out what we are having!! Cannot wait!!

  • BABY mama and daddy

    20+5 and yesterday i found out im having a BOY YEYY!!!! :)

  • Sarahburke

    20w1d prego. We are having our third girl! Still can`t feel her move regularly. Once in a blue moon I will feel a flutter. Makes me nervous bc with my other two daddy was feeling them by now.

  • raven

    20 weeks today wont find out wht im having till 21 weeks tho canr wait

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If you are 20 pregnant your due date is from Saturday, 10 July 2021 through Friday, 16 July 2021.

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