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20 Weeks pregnant

Week 20 starts on day 140 and goes up to day 147. It is your twenty-first pregnancy week.

Length of your baby: 25 centimeter / 9.8 inches
Weight of your baby: 320 grams / 11.3 ozs

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  • Soontobemamaoftwo

    I had an ultrasound three days ago and found out that I`m having a girl

  • Soontobemamaoftwo

    I`m finally 20 weeks and I get to find out what I`m having. Prayerfully

  • meekspirit00

    I am blessed to say, I`m having a little boy!!!!!yay! He`s perfect in every way, all the genectic testing came back normal! not bad for a 44 year old Mom! Thank you Lord for this perfect life growing within me. I do feel so blessed!
    Dear Lord;
    Protect, keep, strengthen, and shelter this child in my womb until the hour of his birth and everyday thereafter. But conceal him not in his mother`s womb; Thou gavest him life and health.O Lord Jesus Christ, into Thine almighty and paternal hands do I entrust my child. Place him upon the right hand of Thy grace, and through Thy Holy Spirit sanctify him and renew him unto life everlasting, that he may be a comminucant of Thy Heavenly Kingdom. Amen.

  • kadiffa

    I am very excited now that I am feeling movements especially in my rib area it`s painful but a joy to know my baby is moving. Hope it`s a girl thou..

  • tolliver15

    Having my 1st baby i call her miracle baby i find out i was having a girl last week im so happy ..i was hoping for a boy but im over that now now i can start buying stuff ...the dr said she is small so i hope she will be ok ...congrats ladies

  • Jassiebear93

    Well , I`m blessed to say I`m having twins

  • serene15

    I`m so happy I`m having a baby girl. Can`t wait to meet her. Bd driving me crazy with the talking to the belly.

  • Madi

    20 weeks today. Still not showing too much friends and family notice but that`s about it. Can`t wait to meet my baby girl!! Dillyn Ariella <3

  • Rmartinez1328

    20 weeks & 1 day. Found out from the dr that im low on amniotic fluid & i have to do another ultrasound next week :( really worried & praying everything is ok with our baby girl ing

  • pregnant denise

    At my 4th pregnancy.jus did my ultosound last week.and its definite looks as if its a girl.I`m so happy.I have only 1 girl before so she is also is an awesome sight.

  • Babyrossi2015

    20 weeks today!! Have an appointment on Halloween cant wait to find out if im gonna have a girl or a boy!

  • beautifulblessings

    20w4d and I found out yesterday that I am having a boy!! Super excited and very blessed, I can`t wait to meet him!

  • beautifulblessings

    Twenty Weeks!

  • ginger225

    I had my mid pregnancy scan and everything is perfect. We are expecting a little baby girl. this is my first child. I lost my last so I just started to get excited about her. But now I`m happy and glad to see she is doing great.

  • kmclean

    So excited!! I had my 20 week check up yesterday and got an ultrasound!! Its a Girl!! We are so excited. We already have 2 boys so this was the answer to our prayers for our sons to have a baby sister!! Thank God!!

  • kmclean

    I have my 20 week check up today and I get an ultrasound! I cant wait to find out the sex today!

  • rebeccita

    Baby girl on her way

  • kimberly1032

    Half way done!!! I`m so glad to have that nasty morning sickness be gone and am able to feel this little guy wiggle around. I can`t wait to be able to hold him :)

  • aviacoke24

    20wks 1dy today yaaay half way am excited doing my ultrasound this week have handsom little boy sooooo now hoping for a beautiful littl girl

  • deee

    Not going to find out what we are having.. Praying it is a beautiful healthy baby!! :)
    Blessed to finally be pregnant.

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If you are 20 pregnant your due date is from Saturday, 10 July 2021 through Friday, 16 July 2021.

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