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20 Weeks pregnant

Week 20 starts on day 140 and goes up to day 147. It is your twenty-first pregnancy week.

Length of your baby: 25 centimeter / 9.8 inches
Weight of your baby: 320 grams / 11.3 ozs

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  • mcaldwell888

    20 weeks and feeling fabulous!! We have evened the playing field. I have 2 girls and 1 boy. We are expecting baby boy #2 in December. YAY!!

  • Lovingmines1

    Half Way Thru My Pregnancy Yay, Can`t Wait To Have My Lil Princess...Thank God For Finally Blessing Me With One, I Have Three Boys Already

  • kellwhip

    2o weeks 2day whoop whoop im on top of the world half way!!!! An 2 top it off im having the little boy ive always wanted, life couldnt get any better Xx

  • calibre0410

    On my first babe and it feels funny I`m 20 weeks having a boy and he moves all the time I can`t wait till 10/29/15 till he is here

  • Princess Nita

    20 weeks yessssss

  • julia1975

    @FlopsieTopgunz - “I`m 20 weeks! I`m ha...„
    We`re due on the same day! And we`re both having girls! Congratulations!

  • julia1975

    20 weeks today! My baby girl has already begun 2 move around. She`s active all day long! I`ve been playing music for her entertainment. Lol. I am 2 giddy and overjoyed! I had my first child at 14. Now that I`m 40 and pregnant with my 2nd child, I`m thoroughly enjoying this pregnancy! Congratulations 2 all u expectant mothers!

  • FlopsieTopgunz

    I`m 20 weeks! I`m having a girl, she is due on my birthday October 20.. I live in the United states, and the father lives in Australia. We are engaged and he`s moving to the USA. My current pregnancy is my second baby, I have a 7 year old son. I wanted an older boy and a younger girl. . Thank you God for giving me them!

  • sheena01

    Yay 20weeks

  • emilybelinak

    20 weeks and 3 days, just can`t wait to meet my happy healthy chap...

  • baby_gervais

    20 weeks and 3days. So very excited finally going to have a girl, I already have 3boys. Feeling very blessed.

  • gypsyjess

    Finally half way done. Second baby won`t know the sex till next week hopefully

  • Olanike

    I`m now halfway of my pregnancy . Am so happy

  • gypsyjess

    Finally half way done. Second baby won`t know the sex till next week hopefully

  • samantha25

    I am 25 yrs old and having my 2nd child. Both pregnancies where a surprise my 1st born was a lil girl who`s just turned 5 and now I`m carrying my 1st boy. I was extremely excited 2 find out it was a boy since I wanted 1 girl 1 boy and god answered my prayers. I feel my baby move around a lot and although my 1st was a breeze this 1 has had a lot of complications like being on bed rest since I was about 10 wks due to severe bleeding 2 where we all even my doctors thought we where loosing the baby to now having severe pain in my legs back and ankles which are also all swollen and purple and although j haven`t called My doctor yet about any of this which started about a wk ago and some days is ok and others is very bad I`m hopeful that things will be and turn out okay.

  • susna

    I found out that iam having a girl .. Its very ian very suprise y was 100% sure feeling like it was a boy this my 3 prgnacy.

  • roop

    I am 34 and its my second baby. My baby become very active whenever i relax or sleep. I am very excited to know the sex of baby but not possible .

  • KAnn

    I`m 42 and this is my 1 child. I consider my self blessed, I`m 20wks 3 days and I found out I`m having a son I`m so excited. My husband wanted a girl because he already had 3 sons, I feel bad for him. I`m so excited to meet my little man soon.

  • arelin

    I`m 20weeks happy, but still dont know the babies gender since last week scan the baby dont want to surpriseeee.....;p huhu baby plz show to mummy...really excited!

  • isbet

    I`m 5 months pregnant and I`m scared I`m 40 and sometimes my blood pressure is high is that normal I`m super scared when I give birth anybody can give some advice

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If you are 20 pregnant your due date is from Saturday, 10 July 2021 through Friday, 16 July 2021.

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