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19 Weeks pregnant

Week 19 starts on day 133 and goes up to day 140. It is your twentieth pregnancy week.

Length of your baby: 22 centimeter / 8.7 inches
Weight of your baby: 250 grams / 8.8 ozs

Your pregnancy at 19 weeks 


What's happening with mum

You may experience some lightheadedness around this time in your pregnancy. This can be due to your growing uterus puting pressure on blood vessels or because your heart is pumping more blood than usual. This speeds up your heart rate and slows down your circulation resulting in less oxygen getting to the brain.

Symptoms may be worse when you get up too quickly from a sitting or lying position.

If this becomes extreme however you should ask your doctor to check your blood pressure and blood sugar levels.


What's happening with baby

Weighing in at just over a pound with a length from head to rump of around 6 inches your baby is putting on weight and growing rapidly.

He is also developing a new look as his skin is coated in a layer of fine hair called lanugo and oil secreted from his glands. This cheese-like mix is called Vernix caseosa or vernix and is eesential for stopping baby's skin wrinkling as it soaks for 9 months in an amniotic fluid bath. This coating is usually shed before birth but is still visible on some newborns.

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  • Nishaknapp

    Why not settling on games that is fun and at the same time your earning. Well it'll make suspense because of the game as well but dude just try it and it gave me hope while pandemic is real rn. Effects of Gambling on the Economy

  • sayoddy

    @Solovelyblissful Thank God for his grace. May you carry full term and deliver safely

  • sayoddy

    19w1d today. Just grateful to God

  • Solovelyblissful

    Amen, sis! I was delivered from Barreness 2 years ago. Found out at 4 months that I was pregnant again. Didnt know, all I know is it's a miracle! God doesnt forget his promises

  • memo88

    it`s afantastic feeling waiting my baby

  • Colccxx

    Due 12/06/2018 confused as to when I conceived any help

  • monaliza

    @Alenamiy - “Hi everybody! I am ...„
    I`m going through the same issue but I am showing. I believe your baby is okay. Next doctor appointment ask the doctor about it

  • optimist


  • optimist


  • Lyndsy-Lou

    19 weeks with my Rainbow baby!!!


    I am 19 weeks pregnant with my first baby on the way! Thank you god for this blessing and for not having to deal with any morning sickness or nauseas!!! I`m so eager to know my babies gender Due date is November!

  • jenny05

    My baby wont stop kicking me!!
    Feeling blessed!

  • lovlyn

    I`m 19 wks 2days.First baby....though havent determined the sex yet. Am so blessed of God for giving me this baby

  • lovlyn

    I`m 19 wks 2days.First baby....though havent determined the sex yet. Am so blessed of God for giving me this baby

  • Charice863

    Made it Finally finished with the nausea Amen

  • Patmo

    I`m loving this phase - its the end of winter in SA, no more blocked nose - sneezes and coughs. Couldn`t take anything - but now I can actually breathe!!

    Excited mom to be!

  • mismavis

    Not ment to find out the sex of our bubs until 3rd June at 22w scan but went private and had a 4d scan done (for health concerns not just to find out gender) and so happy I am having a boy. Now have one of each so lucky x

  • Lexbubble2

  • Lexbubble2

    Feeling my baby girl kick as I write this . I am truly blessed

  • MrsWoke

    Praise God we are 19 weeks today.may His name be glorified.

  • Ansleysummerfaye16

    Its almost over I`m finally having a little girl I can`t wait to meet her Ansley Summer Faye Hardin

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Members in week 19

If you are 19 pregnant your due date is from Thursday, 6 October 2022 through Wednesday, 12 October 2022.

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