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18 Weeks pregnant

Week 18 starts on day 126 and goes up to day 133. It is your nineteenth pregnancy week.

Length of your baby: 20 centimeter / 7.9 inches
Weight of your baby: 200 grams / 7 ozs

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  • mommyworld360

    I am 18 weeks and 4 days pregnant and already feeling baby movements yayyyy !!! My first child I didnt feel movements until a little later

  • gypsyjess

    Yay 18 weeks....second baby still waiting for the baby to move/kick my first baby was 17 weeks when I felt her move. O`well just gotta keep waiting

  • roop

    Hey isbet, dont worry. Every child is different. I too 18 week pregnant and not felt movement we should wait till 20 week.

  • isbet

    I`m 40 years old and its my fifth child and almost five months and not yet felt a movement is it normal I`m scared dose that mean there is something wrong?

  • healthybabies

    Im 18 weeks today and i find out the gender on the 23rd, only have to wait 2 days but it feels like its dragging! Cant wait(:

  • lalissette

    @ShanaNicole - “18 weeks today....I ...„
    How exciting I find out mines on the 24 , what are you hoping for ?:)

  • ShanaNicole

    18 weeks today....I can`t wait to find out the sex of my little one. My doctor appointment is on Feb.25 which seems like a long time from now. I have names picked out already lol;-)

  • twinning4

    18 weeks and 2 days ! I`m having twins ! Boy and a girl! Can`t wait to meet the bundles of joy!
    Healthy pregnancies for all <3:)

  • Soontobemamaoftwo

    I`m 18weeks and 1 day today I`m super excited to have come be this far in my pregnancy. This my second pregnancy I already have a 1y.o son. I can`t wait to find the sex of my baby I`m hoping for a girl so I`m going to keep my figures crossed.

  • acast88

    So im 18 weeks today so happy im half way there lol i felt my bby move tonite and it was great although im a mother of two beautiful girls i cant wait to know what im having

  • Booberry6815

    I am 18 weeks, my 1st ultrasound at 6 weeks,
    My friend swears there were two sacs but doc
    Says only one and has refused to Doppler for
    More than 1 heartbeat. I am measuring 20cm
    (2 more than should) is way to tell besides new
    Ultrasound? He is giving me hard time about
    Doing that also, `only when necessary` any advice?

  • iuna

    2 More Days So Happy

  • heidi021689

    I fund out on Christmas eve that my 3 year old son will have a sister! I`m so super excited

  • lelewilson

    hey everyone,,,i`m 18w 4d today...yeah/ they told me i`m having a little girl...whooo hooo

  • babymorris1

    Hi everyone. I am 18 weeks and 2 days today. This is my third pregnancy and I have a 5 year old son. When we went to our OB appt last tuesday they picked up more than one heartbeat and we go on Dec. 23 to find out for sure if we have twins this go round. Wishing all you moms out there a wonderful Christmas and a blessed new year. I hope you all have a wonderful easy pregnancy and an especially easy labor and delivery.

  • Gina Miles

    @treesmom - “ will be 18 weeks to...„
    Hi there. My twins weren`t picked up until 16 weeks. All along it was one baby, then boom! Merry Christmas Gina, theres2 in there. I almost collapsed as this was an unplanned pregnancy. . i was also quite big too before we knew they were twins. and poor Narissa is only 2yrs old, i felt bad for her

  • treesmom

    will be 18 weeks tomorrow.. and I have a question.. I am huge for my weeks and I told the dr I think I am having more than 1.. but when they did my ultrasound she saw one and stopped.. with her fetal Doppler 1 heart beat and stopped.. I bought me a fetal Doppler from ebay and picked up 2 baby heart beats and my heart beat.. can this be right or did I hear something I thought sounded like to galloping horses one on left one on right side of belly button

  • Gina Miles

    18 weeks 2 days. Twins are quite active now. Hope you all feeling hundreds like I do now.

  • stantrum13

    Im so excited can`t wait to see my lil boy!!

  • KariW1987

    I found out yesterday @ 18 wks 2 days that I`m having a boy via ultrasound!!! Yay!!! I just knew it & believed it. I have a 6 yr old daughter and am so happy to have a girl & boy now! Good luck you guys on your journey!!!

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If you are 18 pregnant your due date is from Friday, 17 September 2021 through Thursday, 23 September 2021.


    • A girl
    • A boy
    • A multiple birth
    • A surprise
    • I don`t know
    • Not telling you :-)
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