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18 Weeks pregnant

Week 18 starts on day 126 and goes up to day 133. It is your nineteenth pregnancy week.

Length of your baby: 20 centimeter / 7.9 inches
Weight of your baby: 200 grams / 7 ozs

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  • yolna calixte

    Im 18weeks and i feel my baby every day and im very happy

  • Tara88

    18 weeks...three days...

  • tinpax

    Hi lovely ladies, wishing you all the very best.

  • Mthandazo

    Yay! I am exactly 18 weeks 1 day today. i am still not sure of the sex. TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!!! as I believe he knows whats in store for me...

  • dabba13

    Yay im 18 weeks thank you lord. I know that you will make a way!!

  • TattooedMommy1316

    18 Weeks tomorrow with pregnancy #5, I suffered 3 miscarriages while in the Marine Corps and I have a 2 year old little boy. I get to find out the gender in exactly 1 week, I`m strongly hoping for a girl and my son is adamant that it`s a `Baby Girl`! Fingers crossed!

  • Cheli15

    18 weeks today!!!! Yay!!!! Had an ultrasound last week and got to know the sex!! We have a 6 year old beautiful girl and now we are having a boy!!! Wujuuuuu!!!! Showing a lot more than my first pregnancy and really excited!!! :D

  • Missjnay

    Keeping the gender a surprise!! Ultrasound today!!

  • bgrant6

    Finding out what I am carrying on Tues, August 25th :)

  • MillerBaby2016

    18 weeks today going to find out what I`m having on August 5th!!!

  • pooja nag

    It`s 19week start my pregnancy

  • sbu

    Woouw so excited 19 weeks now I can feel my twins moving dwiiie;

  • kellwhip

    I am 18 weeks 2day an im over the moon, i find out what im having nest week an ive never been so excited... Good luck 2 all u excited mummys out there xx

  • sheaniceh

    I will be 18 weeks tomorrow and i will find out what im having on tuesday im hoping for a girl i already now have two boys the oldest child is 6 and my other child will be 4 in two months

  • naphiri

    19 wks and baby is very active! Kicking most of the time! Everyone is excited and Lookin forward..

  • Brookelaura91

    I`m 18 weeks and 6 days and still haven`t felt any movement.
    This is my first pregnancy and am getting a little scared...

  • medwards38

    18 Weeks today. Had felt some movements early on but now I haven`t felt much recently. I feel like I want to get an ultrasound on a weekly basis!

  • sheena01

    What a blessing week 18

  • Ashley732

    18 weeks and 3 days can`t wait too meet my princess??????

  • gypsyjess

    Yay 18 weeks....second baby still waiting for the baby to move/kick my first baby was 17 weeks when I felt her move. O`well just gotta keep waiting

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Members in week 18

If you are 18 pregnant your due date is from Wednesday, 15 September 2021 through Tuesday, 21 September 2021.


    • A girl
    • A boy
    • A multiple birth
    • A surprise
    • I don`t know
    • Not telling you :-)
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