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16 Weeks pregnant

Week 16 starts on day 112 and goes up to day 119. It is your seventeenth pregnancy week.

Length of your baby: 15 centimeter / 5.9 inches
Weight of your baby: 120 grams / 4.2 ozs

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  • 3rd time mommy

    finally 16 weeks, ive had so many problems with past pregnancies, so to be this far along and healthy with this one is a very BIG blessing!!!!!

  • Shante

    Hi I`m new this is my 1st child and 1st day of my week 16 I`m so excited. I have a doctors appointment tommorow, i hope everything`s ok with my lil blessing. God bless everyone and there lil blessings too.

  • 1GirlAndOneOnTheWay

    Found Out Yesterday @ 16w2d that I am having another PRINCESS !! She is Healthy , that`s what matters !!

  • zaira

    16 week 3 days today

  • 1GirlAndOneOnTheWay

    Happy 16 weeks to all! Today I am exactly 16 weeks and feel so blessed <3 Hope everyone has a healthy pregnancy and baby xoxoxo

  • tanisha

    Im 16 weeks exactly today. What a blessing!!! So excited. Can`t wait to feel the full force of the baby moving. I feel little flutters here and there.

  • RobinEpps1980

    Im 16 weeks and 2 days today. Im feeling good except for the ligament pain im feeling in my sides. I have been told though that this is completely normal. Im very excited because soon i will be finding out the sex of the baby!!!!!

  • mara

    I`m 13 weeks and 6 days today so excited!!

    I also went to the and got my boppie pillow with the code family2013 and also only paid the shipping! Thank you mross88

  • bknight36

    I`m 14 weeks, I`m also hoping for a girl this time I have a little boy who will turn 3 Nov 2nd, my bf has two boys ages 4-5 so hope this one is a girl, either way don`t really matter really long as it is healthy and looks like me!!! Lol,, this will be last child ill bring into the world so, I`m excited that my son will have another brother or sister!! Good luck with all u other pregnant moms too!! April needs to come closer lol!! What month do u really find out the gender? Or how far long u have to be?? I heard 20 weeks but that`s not always true I found out with my first child at 4 months in a half pregnant that he was boy!!

  • dommyof4

    16 weeks :) almost halfway there!

  • loveontop14

    16Weeks today

  • Wampuskat

    @shani_nyc - “This is my 3rd pregn...„
    Shani, my third as well and we have two boys!! Also hoping for a girl!!! My boys are 13 and 11. We were doing all of the options to sway for a girl, so here in a few days we will find out of they worked!!!

  • Cmalone

    Today I`m 16weeks my hubby and I found out that we`re having another boy. I`m just excited that God gave me a chance to be a mother again.

  • shani_nyc

    This is my 3rd pregnancy, however, i was very sick up until a couple of weeks ago. I cant wait 2 find out the sex of the baby I`m praying for a girl because i already have 2 boys..

  • mummy to be

    finding out what i`m having !

  • sheenab

    @iwifey - “Hi ladies! Today is ...„
    yep is so anxious too

  • sheenab

    @sheenab - “im 16 weeks today an...„

  • sheenab

    im 16 weeks today and sooooo happy..gosh cant wait to find out baby gender

  • Samanthaa18

    16 Weeks Today , 3 more weeks until I find out the gender cant wait <3 .

  • Lueras2

    Oh my goodness just went to and the code family2013 worked I only payed shipping for the pillow. Thanks for the tip mross88.

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If you are 16 pregnant your due date is from Monday, 9 August 2021 through Sunday, 15 August 2021.


    • A girl
    • A boy
    • A multiple birth
    • A surprise
    • I don`t know
    • Not telling you :-)
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