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16 Weeks pregnant

Week 16 starts on day 112 and goes up to day 119. It is your seventeenth pregnancy week.

Length of your baby: 15 centimeter / 5.9 inches
Weight of your baby: 120 grams / 4.2 ozs

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  • talliabear2

    Wow...this is going so fast for me!

  • sheena01

    Yay 16 weeks

  • baby_gervais

    16 weeks and 3 days. Getting closer, so very excited.

  • applepie

    16 weeks today!:)

  • BabyBeard

    16 weeks & 4 days today!

  • mylilone

    I am so excited, but yet so tired. Found out a week ago im having a little man.

  • dollhex

    16 weeks 1 day and im really tired all the time in bed by 7pm with my other kids.

  • ckbaby

    Im 16 weeks todayI feel like I have no energy and I take the prenatal multi vitamin what else can I do so that I want feel sluggish

  • tyrasobeautiful

    Is there any one else who did not change what they eat ?

  • Mun-chi-chiMaMa

    Hello! I`m 16w2d today, waiting on harmony genetics test results. It`s nerve racking but hoping for the best. I beat odds at getting preg to begin with and to carry so praying for one more miracle! I can also find out definitively the gender with this test so my question is: would u guys? Or would u prefer surprise? If it`s a girl I need to shop, my daughters 21 yo!!! If boy I`m good, son is 3 yo.

  • iuna

    Yay So Happy To Be At Least This Far In My Pregnancy This Will Be My First Baby So Im Really Excited n Kant Wait To See What My Lil Baby Is

  • sm1lerno1

    @danblanc - “I am so confused! Ac...„
    Yeah that is a tad strange. Did you do the date predictor where you put in the first date of your last period, and the average number of days your cycle lasts? They are normally quite a good estimate. Failing that they tend to say that an ultrasound between 11-14 weeks is their best estimate.
    Maybe once you reach 20 weeks or so they can use the measuring tape to measure the distance from your pubic bone to the top of your bump. That may give them a better idea too.
    Strange one but as long as all is okay. X

  • danblanc

    I am so confused! According to my last menstruation my due date should have been on May 7. According to my first ultrasound my due date was changed to May 23. And now according to my second ultrasound my due date is on May 10 or my baby is just a very big baby! I wish I knew the exact week that I am on so I can keep track of his growth here.

  • Madi

    16 weeks yesterday! 3 more weeks till I find out if my little peanut is a boy or girl!! So excited!

  • eloisa

    I am going gaga over my baby!!!!. This is my first baby. I`m so excited and emotional, can`t wait to meet my little one..I especially can`t wait to find out the sex of my husband and I are really looking foward to a girl but if its a boy then his more than welcome as well <3

  • kmclean

    Today I went for my 16 week check up. I gave blood and listened to my baby`s little strong heart beat. I cant wait until my next visit. My Doctor told me today that we will get to see the sex of the baby! I`m so excited!!!!

  • rebeccita

    16 weeks and so happy, hv been every 2 weeks to the obgyn for observation and so far everything is going perfect.
    Have told some friends but waiting end of the month to tell family at a dinner at my house, also to celebrate my engagement, so happyyy

  • garza1211

    I`m 15 weeks and 6 days in excited to find out what were haven on the 29 can`t wait I have 2 girls so where hopen its a BOY....(:

  • aviacoke24

    Sixteen weeks and haven`t make an oppointment as yet is this safe......making a date Monday tho



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If you are 16 pregnant your due date is from Wednesday, 6 April 2022 through Tuesday, 12 April 2022.


    • A girl
    • A boy
    • A multiple birth
    • A surprise
    • I don`t know
    • Not telling you :-)
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