16 Weeks pregnant 

16 Weeks pregnant

Week 16 starts on day 112 and goes up to day 119. It is your seventeenth pregnancy week.

Length of your baby: 15 centimeter / 5.9 inches
Weight of your baby: 120 grams / 4.2 ozs

Your pregnancy at 16 weeks 


What's happening with mum

Most women begin to feel movement around the 16 to 20 week mark so you might be detecting some small rumblings. These are known as flutters or quickenings.

You are probably starting to see your baby belly now and in this second trimester you will gain more weight as your baby really starts to grow.

It is a good idea especially now to get as much rest as possible with your legs elevated. Varicose veins can rear their ugly heads as blood vessels are compressed by your growing uterus so make sure to stretch and move them regularly.


What's happening with baby

Baby's length is now approxomately 4.5 inches and he weighs about 3.5 oz. and has eyes and ears that work perfectly, recognising dark and light through closed eyelids and sounds. 

It is important at this time to talk to baby in order that they recognise your voice. Singing or reading gently can be soothing for baby.

Although baby's skeleton will remain flexible to make progress through the birth canal during labour easier, they will now begin to firm up, changing from cartilage to actual bone.


If you are 16 pregnant your due date is from Sunday, 12 May 2024 through Saturday, 18 May 2024.

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