14 Weeks pregnant 

14 Weeks pregnant

Week 14 starts on day 98 and goes up to day 105. It is your fifteenth pregnancy week.

Length of your baby: 8.5 centimeter / 3.3 inches
Weight of your baby: 60 grams / 2.1 ozs

Your pregnancy at 14 weeks 


What's happening with mum

As your pregnancy progresses into this the second trimester you may find your appetite returning as your aversion to certain foods and morning sickness eases off. You may however find that this new appetite gives your cravings for unusual foods. While there are many theories about why pregnant women in particular suddenly have the urge to eat chalk or pickles, there is officially no recognised reason. One hypothesis is that you crave something which your body requires for example: orange ice lollies because you lack vitamin C, pickles because your body is lacking in sodium.

Whatever the reason, unless it is a substance which would be harmful to you or your baby at this time, it is recommended to not ask why but just eat whatever it is your body is craving but keep in mind this is the time you are most likely to have an increased appetite and constipation which can in turn lead to excessive weight gain. It is recommended that the ideal weight gain around this time should be between 5 and 8 pounds although this depends on whether or not you had a normal weight to start with. As with all pregnancies, every woman is different.


What's happening with baby

Those fast growing limbs are now even more recognisable as tiny nails begin to grow on the toes.



Baby's face is now more visible as the growing neck helps him lift his head from his chest to show those beautiful eyes and ears which are now almost in their final positions. As the roof of the mouth forms and he continues to suck his thumb, the facial muscles continue to grow, eventually forming the cheeks.

As the organs continue to develop, the digestive system will show some activity and intestines begin to produce meconium, a thick mix of all the materials ingested by your baby while in the uterus. This waste will be secreted soon after birth as your baby's first bowel movement.


The Practicalities

If you are feeling better and enjoying that extra burst of energy perhaps it is time to go shopping for a new maternity wardrobe. Even though you are probably not showing to others yet, it is wise to look for baggier clothes and more practical underwear. 

You should also consider using that energy to help keep yourself active. A leasurely walk or swim doesn't just help you, it provides extra oxygen for your baby and can help with other symptoms such as leg cramps and mood swings.



If you are 14 pregnant your due date is from Monday, 25 March 2024 through Sunday, 31 March 2024.

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