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13 Weeks pregnant

Week 13 starts on day 91 and goes up to day 98. It is your fourteenth pregnancy week.

Length of your baby: 7.5 centimeter / 3 inches
Weight of your baby: 30 grams / 1.1 ozs

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  • Yavonie2014

    Excited 13weeks

  • Luca

  • memory

    Am 13 weeks time flies

  • giftfromgod

    I`m 13 weeks & 1 day feeling excited about this little one

  • BrittyBrits

    13 Weeks today! And today`s my first day without throwing up and feeling sick all day(: Doctor says the placenta is further from baby than it should be, im not sure what that means but Ill find out, my next appt the 29th!

  • tanisha

    I am 13 weeks today. Yes, it is true that you can feel your baby move earlier with your second and third child. Like you said around 12 or thirteen weeks.

  • carrieof4

    I have had an awful time with sickness and constipation, this is my 4th baby but first with my fiance my 3 boys were from a previous realationship, I am def worried about this pregnancy I have a few health issues and I hate that my baby could go through stuff, but The lord blessed me with this amazing man and he is wonderful with my boys and then we found out we were expecting and I am very happy just very worried, since this is my 4th I expected to be able to feel him/her moving but I haven`t yet. Listen if you can will you pray for this little bean?! Take care everyone and Congrats!!

  • traceyp026

    I too have had a hard time with the sickness, I`ve had hyperemesis which has had me on hospital. I have been told girls can make you worse and I have felt bub move too. Feels like a jab

  • MrsGoss

    I`m 13 weeks and I feel my baby move every now and then. They say around the second and third pregnancy you can feel the baby move as early as 12 to 13 weeks. I know that I am so ready to stop having morning sickness and constant stomach aches. I wonder if it is true that girls give you the most problems. If it is then I am happy its a girl because I have two boys. but not happy with all the sickness.

  • priscillakarolyne

    @Monkia_28 - “I`m 13 weeks & I thi...„
    nesse tempo eu já sentia se mexer tbm ,até antes de 13 semanas

  • Monkia_28

    I`m 13 weeks & I think I feel my baby any of u feel the same?

  • lor

    Only thing that truly sucks for me is that I have ptyalism which is excessive spitting allllllllllll day and allllllllll night and theres no cure I have to carry around a bottle and spit spit spit! Other than that pregnancys` a breeze.

  • lor

    they are saying February 2nd.So they`ve done it a couple times so far with me heartbeat at 158 last time checked

  • Lexi

    @lor - “I`m doing fine went ...„

  • Lexi

    I forgot I have preggie pops in the cupboard! I must get them out! They don`t tell you heartbeat count where I am you just get to see it on the scan I think they use the Doppler at 16 weeks if i remember right from last time, when`s your due date?

  • lor

    I`m doing fine went to the Doc today everythings fine with baby. Heard heart beat which is always a joy. And when I feel a little weird because the gas has a tendency of making feel a little off I use preggie pops as my savour worked last time and doing the job once again.

  • Lexi

    Hey :) I`m 13 weeks today? How you ladies feeling? Polo mints are my friend recently lol

  • blakemartin51612

    welcome to week 13 :) why on this site does it say this is the first week in trimester 2 when every other site says weeks 14 starts trimester 2? just wondering is all.

  • lor

    @ Christina no breakouts, @ Simone don`t worry the baby really starts to grow later on.

  • jfitz

    No breakouts, just the worst headaches of my life.

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If you are 13 pregnant your due date is from Saturday, 18 December 2021 through Friday, 24 December 2021.

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