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13 Weeks pregnant

Week 13 starts on day 91 and goes up to day 98. It is your fourteenth pregnancy week.

Length of your baby: 7.5 centimeter / 3 inches
Weight of your baby: 30 grams / 1.1 ozs

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  • Unooyalyn

    My head is constantly pounding. On the otherhand when i don`t have headaches I`ve noticed that my energy has incresed from a few weeks ago. This is baby number 5 for me and im just as excited as baby number 1. So far i have 4 boys so you know what im looking for right?

  • amommyoftwo

    Yay 13 weeks for me... been puking non stop too. This is my 4th pregnancy.

  • MommyGomez13

    Thirteen weeks today with our third .... super excited =)

  • ananeto

    Exactly 13 weeks today. Very excited. After being told i wouldn`t be able to get pregnant, now I`ll have my little blessing soon. God is Good

  • happymomma

    Just turned 13 wks with twins so excited can`t wait till my appointment Tuesday :)

  • jamgirl

    Am scared of taking pills so what I do is drink loads more water and day on time . I felt the baby move today aww lol though it`d my second baby I feel just as happy been waiting for him or her to move from conception

  • jamgirl

    I have the worst headaches and its not going away

  • firsttimemommy24

    @savedwebb - “@jamgirl - “I have...„
    Yea I was suffering from the headaches to but then my doctor advised me to drink more fluids. Also yu can take Tylenol.. hope things get better

  • firsttimemommy24

    13 weeks!!! End of first trimester!!! Nausea slowly but surely leaving!!! Im sooo excited!!!

  • savedwebb

    @jamgirl - “I have the worst hea...„
    I get bad headaches too and I`m almost to tears it hurts so! I searched it and it could be several things: tension, stress, hunger, dehydration etc.

  • savedwebb

    I`m 13 weeks and 4 days and I`m always sick to my stomach! I thought it would go away by now but I have been bleeding for the past two weeks and it`s freaking me out! This is my third child and this has never happened! Trying to stay positive and take these daily pains as they come! I want a girl this time! ;-) GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!!

  • jamgirl

    I have the worst headaches and its not going away

  • miztweetypie

    13 weeks today... late last night went i was in my bed i feel my baby move it was like tap tap in my stomach i wake my husband and he felt it too am so happy hoping it a girl... i have a slight fever and the flu

  • moirasaimoa

    40 year old Mum at 13 + 2 with baby number 3, no morning sickness and pretty excited and scared at having to do this all over again lol!

  • raven s dixon

    @katesam - “This is my 2nd pregn...„
    u should feel your baby till 16 weeks or even 20 some dont feel ther baby at all till 23 weeks even n ther 2nd pregnancy

  • katesam

    This is my 2nd pregnancy&am 13wks 2days today. But am confused because am yet to feel any movement of my baby

  • dellybean

    13 weeks today with baby number 4. Still no morning sickness and still feeling tired all the time but very happy :)

  • tiesha

    my 2nd pregancy an im 13weeks and a day very exicted im really aint had sicknesd just back aches but hopeing for a boy in this pregancy

  • Lyndsy-Lou

    13 weeks and 1 day and the morning sickness is starting to go away. So happy i got to see my little gummy bear last week and everything looks good.

  • PreciousMoments

    13 wks today with twins...yay anf feeling great!!!:

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If you are 13 pregnant your due date is from Saturday, 18 December 2021 through Friday, 24 December 2021.

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