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13 Weeks pregnant

Week 13 starts on day 91 and goes up to day 98. It is your fourteenth pregnancy week.

Length of your baby: 7.5 centimeter / 3 inches
Weight of your baby: 30 grams / 1.1 ozs

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  • kathyjackson94

    Hey there, I`m 20 years old and I will be 13 weeks
    On Monday with my first, I feel these odd things
    Like bubbles or like a twitch in my tummy but I`m
    Not sure if that`s the baby moving or what it is.
    I`m due august 25th and super excited!

  • mandz78

    Waitamin06 I know how you feel haha my daughter will be 17 once this bubba arrives haha I`ve had the same feeling too plus so much has changed in all the years lol have u had a scan yet x

  • waitamin06

    i am 13 wks 5 days very excited!but there are some moments now that iam not getting morning sickness that i dont feel pregnant.Anyways iam sure its fine but just makes me crazy also my last baby was 14 yrs ago so i do but dont really remember it all

  • jkminer

    @RhondaR - “After 4 miscarriages...„
    I am at 13 weeks 4 days after one miscarriage - bless you for continuing to try and for staying so positive! Best of luck with your bundle!!!

  • mandz78

    Hi all I`m 13 weeks today had a scan on monday all looks good so excited this is my 2nd child with a 17 year age gap hehe feels good to finally tell everyone :-)

  • megalish

    Absolutely. I believe its considered to be most beneficial in the first couple of months but it`s also beneficial later.

  • Aisha Mbwiza

    Happy to be 13 weeks. kindly advice, I couldnt take my follic acid earlier due to nausea, can I start taking now?

  • megalish

    Kthomas--are you hoping for a specific gender?

  • megalish

    @RhondaR - “After 4 miscarriages...„
    Congrats! !! You should definitely celebrate.

  • RhondaR

    After 4 miscarriages i am happy to say i am 13 weeks and 2 days!! love my miracle baby !!

  • kthomas0621

    13 weeks and 3 days! Dr. today...excited to hear the heartbeat :) Gender ultrasound scheduled for February 15th!

  • megalish

    Hi week 13.

  • bre3

    13weeks 1day witt triplets....i feel great...been pukkin nd cldnt eat since im free from pukkin ndi can eatt...nd my babies move all the time not sure whitch

  • Sallylovesherbabies

    13.1 today very exited

  • johnsosh

    13 weeks today! Very excited for this little one arrival this summer. Wont be able to get ultra sound until March I was told. Wanted to know sex sooner than later. Well excited no more sickness. Starting to eat more I notice. So far things are going ok.

  • munaz

    feeling happy to enter in this week

  • Unooyalyn

    @Unooyalyn - “My unborn kee...„

  • Unooyalyn

    My unborn keeps me up at odd hours during the night! I have a bad case of insomnia. I hate it! I wonder why this is? I meed some sleep!!!!!

  • 2beMotherOf3

    @Unooyalyn - “My head is constantl...„
    i have headaches as well and my doctor has been telling me its because of my sugar levels and due to high blood pressure

  • Unooyalyn

    @Unooyalyn - “My head is constantl...„

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If you are 13 pregnant your due date is from Friday, 17 December 2021 through Thursday, 23 December 2021.

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