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13 Weeks pregnant

Week 13 starts on day 91 and goes up to day 98. It is your fourteenth pregnancy week.

Length of your baby: 7.5 centimeter / 3 inches
Weight of your baby: 30 grams / 1.1 ozs

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  • yessiep77

    So just wondering can you find out the sex of the baby this early?

  • rebeccita

    13 weeks today, so happyyyy

  • roxana

    Hello ladies :) I`m 13 weeks today and symptoms are gone, hopefully they don`t come back. At 10 weeks 4 days had the harmony test done to find out the sex. Just this past Monday I found out I`m having a baby boy. I`m so excited for this little blessing and of course my husband is even more. My little bundle of joy is healthy and very active. It even did a flip lol Good luck to you all mamas, be positive, be happy, smile, glow, and eat all you want-just enjoy it Xx

  • keesh33

    I want to know what I`m having!!

  • NimishaArora

    Phew, 12 weeks down. had 2 miscarriages before dis so really really scared. have my next appointment in 2 days. very tired as my house help is not coming from 15 days

  • mandz78

    @stephaniehampton - “@mandz78 - “Waitam...„
    Hi stephanie sorry only juat seen that you`ve commeneted I had my 3d scan at 15 weeks xx

  • stephaniehampton

    @mandz78 - “Waitamin06 I know ho...„
    How long you wait to get the 3d pictures

  • Treesaw

    Had ultra sound today it`s great to get to see the baby

  • baulderbaby

    Judging by lmp, I will be at 13 wks tomorrow. However, the ultrasound I had in April bumped me up 5 days. Anxiously awaiting my next Dr appointment to see if maybe we can finally hear the heart beat. Probably won`t find out gender until June appointment though.

  • xoxomimi69

    Yay!!! Finally feeling better. Cant wait til I start looking pregnant and not bloated. :-)

  • brittanyb76

    I am already starting to get some of my appetite back.I cannot wait until next month when I finally get to get a look at my little buddy!

  • babyphattek

    I`m so excited to know what we are having we are 13 weeks 5 days today and have our appointment tomorrow I hope we can find out if its a girl or boy :-)

  • Naynay715

    I`m so happy am 13 weeks

  • najoojy622

    Hi everyone! I am 13 weeks far so good! Still nauseated tired...but ok...

  • Kevinswife

    So happy today not only is it my birthday but we found out we are expecting a perfectly healthy baby boy!! 13 weeks 4 days today! Over the moon

  • msparker801

    New mother to be. I am 13 weeks a long and still feeling nauseous and throwing up every once in a while. When will it end? My luck never.

  • tweezy19

    @kathyjackson94 - “Hey there, I`m 20 ye...„
    i am 21 and im having my first. i am 13 weeks and 2days and very happy. i feel something moving and its the best feeling in the world. and congrats..

  • kathyjackson94

    going for my first ultrasound this Friday! then another one in may, so happy <3

  • nekky

    Hi there
    Am thirteen weeks 2 days gone.

  • deebaybee

    Hi I`m 20 years old, This is my first pregnancy and I will be 13 weeks on Tuesday, I have been having trouble sleeping threw the night I tried so many different ways to make me more comfortable but nothing helped -_- My due date is Aug.26.14 and I can`t wait !!

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If you are 13 pregnant your due date is from Saturday, 18 December 2021 through Friday, 24 December 2021.

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