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13 Weeks pregnant

Week 13 starts on day 91 and goes up to day 98. It is your fourteenth pregnancy week.

Length of your baby: 7.5 centimeter / 3 inches
Weight of your baby: 30 grams / 1.1 ozs

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  • shameeka

    13 weeks today, I get nervous if the baby didn`t kick me..... But I know GOD!!! ALL IS IN FAITH.... I HOPE IT`S A GIRL.... I`M LOOKING TO DO SOME HAIR, BY SOME DRESSES

  • shameeka

    @ashleydenise87 - “We are 13w 3d and so...„
    That question was actually for you!!!. How did you find out at 13 weeks????

  • ashleydenise87

    We are 13w 3d and sooo excited to be having our first baby boy after 4 girls between my fiance and myself. YAY! However, nausea hasn`t stopped at all yet. Praying for relief soon, but still so thankful!

  • quennetta

    OK I`m 13weeks pregnant and still getting used to the idea of having a brand new baby. Very excited! Good luck mommies!!

  • Mari~Ruben

    I am 13 weeks today! I am so excited felt like forever to get past the scary party of miscarriage. Now I can`t wait to feel my baby move around. Good luck ladies

  • carlas

    I am 13weeks & 3days today, this is the second pregnancy! Here we go again, but Thank God for no morning sickness again!!

  • Tango5150

    13 weeks exactly. All tests point to healthy. Drs guess..99% sure my wife is having a boy. Excited for #2.

  • babyharo2016

    @4th_Simmons_Baby - “13w4d and this is my...„
    Iam the same way i dont even feel pregnant maybe cause i havent had an ultrasound yet but tomorrow i go..and i too had no morning sickness at all i guess were the lucky ones...

  • babyharo2016

    13 weeks today with my first child iam 29 not knowing what to expect no morning sickness just a bit of light cramping in the beginning i go tomorrow for my first ultra sound hopefully everything is go and i can get a gender doesnt seem real yet

  • sayoddy

    Officially second trimester. It`s like starting off from when i had miscarriage. Thank God for the pregnancy thus far
    Married: Dec 6th 2014. Me 29, Dh 35
    Mc 04/21/15 at 12weeks
    Cautiously expecting a Rainbow | March 2016
    S t i c k B A B Y S t i c k. G r o w B A B Y G r o w

  • Cece mathet

    At 13 weeks pregnant i notice twice when i lift my toddler i felt a sudden movement like a kick from the baby in my tummy. I am wondering at this early stages of pregnancy can the baby movement be felt so distinctive

  • Nanoon

    Me being first time mom i am showing i am 13 weeks and 5 days wow i cant believe it so fast

  • leadionnee

    13 weeks and 2 days with my lil stinka bug ! Im starting to show a bit

  • MillerBaby2016

    13 weeks and 1 day !! :) baby #2

  • SmallandHopeful

    Wow i can`t believe i`m 13 weeks already! :D

  • deb23

    This is my 13 week starting to feel better:

  • Trininicki

    Today takes me into my 13th week and my second trimester. So happy all is going well thus far.

  • sbu

    yheepy i am greatful i am starting my second trimester and i dd scan i am carrying twins. God is great in all tiimes.

  • sbu

    haayyi god is great m

  • laurita93

    Yayy officially 13weeks hello 2nd trimester

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If you are 13 pregnant your due date is from Friday, 17 December 2021 through Thursday, 23 December 2021.

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