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13 Weeks pregnant

Week 13 starts on day 91 and goes up to day 98. It is your fourteenth pregnancy week.

Length of your baby: 7.5 centimeter / 3 inches
Weight of your baby: 30 grams / 1.1 ozs

Your pregnancy at 13 weeks 


What's happening with mum

Around this time you are embarking on the second trimester of your pregnancy. Research indicates this is the easiest period of your pregnancy but it is not without it's own little irritations.

As your bump grows and the placenta takes over the production of hormones such as progesterone, you may find yourself suffering more from acid indigestion and reflux or heartburn like symptoms. Progesterone has been shown to increase the appetite, ensuring a mother to be gets all the vital nutrients and vitamins she needs but it also helps to relax the muscles. When this happens to the lower esophagael sphincter, which lies between the esophagus and the stomach, stomach acids, used for the breakdown and digestion of food, can be forced back up into the esophagus. This can be the cause of those painful burning sensations and that awful acrid taste in the mouth.

Advice is to eat smaller, more regular meals and avoid particularly fatty or spicy foods which increase the amount of acid produced in the stomach.


What's happening with baby

Now, about the size of a plum, your baby's body is growing quickly, internally as well as externally.

Small bones are beginning to form in the  arms and legs which your baby will now be able to move around. As the limbs become more proportionate to the rest of it's body, those longer arms may aloow baby to suck it's thumb.



 Vocal chords continue to develop and salivary glands will begin to function.

As the kidneys begin to work, any amniotic fluid swallowed will be turned into urine and secreted into the amniotic fluid surrounding your baby. 



The Practicalities

Around this time you should consider whether any additional genetic tests or prenatal screenings are required. An ultrasound designed to detect the early signs of Down's Syndrome and other medical conditions is available between 11 and 14 weeks, as well as a blood test which tests the six fetal proteins. This sequential integrated screening is capable of identifying over 90% of Down's Syndrome pregnancies.


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  • Mrgrto

    My daughter is 13 weeks pregnant 🤰🏻 n I’m so excited 😆

  • Mrgrto

  • Erielle-loving-my-lil-baby????????

    Hi ladies im 13 weeks and 3 days i feel flutters this my first pregnancy im having me a baby boy........I cant wait til i get my first utrasound but my baby is very active.Pregnancy is such a blessing all the aches and pain are worth it cause when its over i get to see my little one im from Milwaukee Wisconsin. Im 21 years old i sing to my baby talk to my baby and expericing my baby first movement flutters and quickening is so amazing.

  • Polina44

    Hello. Sister At the 13 weeks of pregnancy, what can you say, what kind of symptoms do you expect?

  • Taniantisdale

    I`m 13 weeks pregnant with my fourth child and the only symptoms I`ve had are extreme fatigue and sore breasts. I have known i was pregnant since about 4-5 weeks but i still don`t feel pregnant. I lost my father 4 months ago and the emotional impact this has had on me is making me feel no connection to my pregnancy at all. The thought that he will never hold this grandchild and I`ll never have photos of him holding it consume my thoughts

  • Marie

    Things will get better love i know your pain my father was my only parent so I'll tell you this thing will get better

  • Spencerzwifey

    13 weeks today, Greatful to be out of the 1st Trimester.

  • Lyndsy-Lou

    So happy to be in the second trimester with my Rainbow baby! I`ve been getting bad migraines but other than that it`s been a good pregnancy. :

  • ponna chanti

    i feel happy good culuclateing

  • Riva

    @weshah - “Is week 13 in third ...„
    Wondering the same thing is week 13 in third month or fourth month pregnant?

  • luckygirl

    @KaNeisha15 - “@weshah - “Is week...„
    The 13th week is not in the third Trimester.
    The 13th weeks starts the Second Trimester which is starting the 4th Month.

  • KaNeisha15

    @weshah - “Is week 13 in third ...„
    It`s the third month

  • weshah

    Is week 13 in third month or in fourth month?

  • weshah

    Is week 13 in third month or in fourth month?

  • Cynt83

    I`m 13 weeks and still having morning sickness

  • Mammabear04

    @shameeka - “@ashleydenise87 - ??...„
    There is a blood test you can get to tell the gender. But you can`t otherwise know till 20 ultrasound.

  • MrsWoke

    Thanks Lord for your faithfulness.

  • kendra_

    13weeks and5days today

  • Haberby

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If you are 13 pregnant your due date is from Thursday, 17 November 2022 through Wednesday, 23 November 2022.


    • A girl
    • A boy
    • A multiple birth
    • A surprise
    • I don`t know
    • Not telling you :-)
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