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11 Weeks pregnant

Week 11 starts on day 77 and goes up to day 84. It is your twelfth pregnancy week.

Length of your baby: 5.5 centimeter / 2.2 inches
Weight of your baby: 10 grams / 0.4 ozs

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  • Kiesha

    Hi am really scared cause am not looking pregnant at all. I feel tiny flutters in me at night. Could that be my baby? Help Please

  • kzwick

    Based on my last period, I am 11wks 4 days...this is my 5th pregnancy and I have 2 living children. I am already feeling a LOT of movement from my baby and my husband can even feel it! We go for a measurement and possible ultrasound next week, we have a feeling for some reason it is twins (not just because of the movement, there are other reasons). I think is odd at 11wks to feel this strong of movement, has anyone else had this and still been only 11wks?

  • Disha

    I am 11 weeks and 2 days. This is my third pregnancy. Surprisingly, my morning sickness was very mild. I was only queasy with all of my pregnancies but this was the mildest yet. I have more energy this time. I actually find myself bored looking for things to do.

  • fozi

    @comet - “hi All....I would be...„
    because I m 11 week now

  • fozi

    @comet - “hi All....I would be...„
    do u feel better now?

  • moekie

    I am 11 weeks and 6 days pregnant n diz b ma 1st baby m so excitted bt ma belly ain showin yet so i wanda wen wil it start showin??

  • rojasbaby

    @Brittanyb76 have you been told anything about all the sickness? I am the same way all the time. It`s horrible cause there`s things I need to be doing. This is my 2nd pregnancy. My 1st was so easy. Never sick had very few cravings. Let me know if I should call my doctor cause this is too much. Thanks

  • gibnic

    I too am 11 weeks pregnant today. I am so excited to have made it this far. I too have suffered from lack of sleep due to CONSTANT tinkling! But for every hunger pain and tinkle time I thank GOD the pregnancy is still going strong

  • brittanyb76

    I`m always sick, all of the time. I never throw up, but I am always nauseated. Almost everything I eat feels like I ate cigarette ashes once I have swallowed it. Everything smells just awful and tastes bland or gross. I have mostly lost weight because I can`t eat anything. I usually have to force it but I am always hungry. It even takes forever for me to feel like I have eaten anything. This is number 4 for me. I am so miserable.

  • Jessica wilhoite

    im 11 weeks and two days im so worried about not gaining enough weight

  • Brtnstaggers

    11wks today...and I just want to sleep at night at least one and for this queasy feeling to go away other than that I`m glad and excited

  • babyphattek

    I am 11 weeks today and excited about having our little one with us. This is my first child in over 10 years

  • babyphattek

    I am 11 weeks today and excited about having our little one with us. This is my first child in over 10 years

  • Salemsmommy23

    have had 3 miscarages . one live birth which is my 4 yr old daughter. ii have been crampy . and am worried about another miscarrage

  • alysewoo

    I am 11 weeks & 3 days pregnant with my 1st child! praying for a little girl!

  • filiz

    Hi im 11 wks preg and for the last 4wks i anit been able to sleep its getting really fustrating as nights are so long . Feel so emotional . Even my older kids feel bad for me. Is it normal to lose your sleep patten and loss of tiedness at this stage .

  • Mel80

    @comet - “hi All....I would be...„
    I`m 11 weeks and a couple of days and I feel tired very often. Its normal though.

  • comet

    hi All....I would be completing my 11 week tomorrow very excited to see my baby in ultrasound......even at this stage I am tired and feel week does anyone one know when this would stop and I would feel energetic....I have heard that as soon I would enter in secoond trimester it would all stop.....does anyone experienced the same....:

  • Lucille 36

    I can wait to see my baby I am so happy

  • Momin2014

    This is baby #1 for me. Other than being extremely exhausted, I have felt good. I was confident that I was one of the lucky ones who would not experience morning sickness. Boy was I wrong! 11 weeks & 1day today. I have not been able to keep anything down the past couple of days, not even saltines or 7up. I`m looking forward to moving on to the second trimester. Hopefully the morning sickness stops.

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If you are 11 pregnant your due date is from Tuesday, 6 April 2021 through Monday, 12 April 2021.


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