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10 Weeks pregnant

Week 10 starts on day 70 and goes up to day 77. It is your eleventh pregnancy week.

Length of your baby: 4.5 centimeter / 1.8 inches
Weight of your baby: 5 grams / 0.2 ozs

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  • shadie

    its say im 10 weeks and i see a lot of you say you are 10 weeks also but your due date is july and mines is sept i dont understand

  • Kadian

    Hi I am little confused my last period was December 3, so i am thinking I am 10weeks but when I went to the doctor on Saturday he says I am 9weeks..this is my 4th pregnancy I had 3 miscarriages b4 so I am scared but I have never gone this far with the previous ones before and when I saw the baby`s heartbeat I was super excited!!!

  • shatoine

    Yay week 10 today

  • Brandysbub

    @Michasofly - “@Brandysbub - “@Mi...„
    Oops I meant to say 14 weeks lol

  • Mommynezz

    Hello ppl .. I`m 10 weeks been told I was waiting for a miscarriage for a few weeks now.. But my peanut is holding on .. Next ultrasound feb 14 ?? Hope everything is still fine by thn

  • AllAmericanGal94

    10 weeks pregnant today. Haven`t had any sickness, just some dry heaving here and there. 38 years old, first baby. Tried last year and had a miscarriage. Calculated 9 weeks with the first miscarriage but ultrasound said 5 so seeing an ultrasound and being told 9 weeks last week helped me feel better. Still scared to tell the world and go through that whole miscarriage ordeal again.

  • Michasofly

    @Brandysbub - “@Michasofly - “@Br...„

  • Brandysbub

    @Michasofly - “@Brandysbub - “I a...„
    Thank you so much, I am weeks today, yay!

  • Michasofly

    10 weeks 2 days having awful back pain, I took some Tylenol extra strength, because I couldn`t take it anymore, I hope it won`t harm my baby...I`m so scared

  • Michasofly

    @Brandysbub - “I am 10 weeks 5days ...„
    Praying with you... Peace and Blessings

  • sunaina ghai

    i am 10 week pregnant...having bronchitis...really hard for me to have a proper diet....

  • Brandysbub

    I am 10 weeks 5days today with my 4th bub. I became concerned a few days ago as I had a miscarriage a few months prior to falling pregnant with this baby. I was experiencing lower back pain and my pregnancy symptoms stopped so took myself off to the hospital. Thankfully everything is fine and my bub has a strong heartbeat. So relieved! I hope i`m not going to be paranoid the whole time, but it`s hard to not be. Praying my little peanut stays strong <3

  • Antoinette26

    I`m 10 weeks 4 days, I`m excited this will be my second baby. Only thing I still have problems with nausea vomiting and spitting that is none stop. My due date is July 27

  • Sallylovesherbabies

    Im 10 weeks 4 days today im so exited this is my second baby! And my due date is July 24.

  • johnsosh

    10 weeks today. Happy because I think the nausea is getting better. Had to get help and get meds. First time sleeping all the way through the night in weeks. It is now looking up!

  • raven s dixon

    @Thicc_Mama23 - “this is my 6th pregn...„
    you could try staying up right avoid big meals befr going to bed and sip drinks slowly

  • raven s dixon

    first baby 10 weeks today super happy but really scared at the same time dont wanna wait four weeks to see my baby again

  • happymomma

    10 wks today :D so excited cant wait to see my twins on an ultrasound again :D

  • Estus

    Am 10wks today, feeling excited, no morning sickness uptill now (feeling lucky), and this is my first pregnancy.

  • miztweetypie

    i`m 10 weeks 5 days today first baby hoping it`s a girl... anyway i haven`t been feeling well vomiting more nasty cramps late at night where i can`t sleep. icannot do anything but lie down cause i feel very dizzy but heyyy am pregnant.

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If you are 10 pregnant your due date is from Sunday, 15 May 2022 through Saturday, 21 May 2022.


    • A girl
    • A boy
    • A multiple birth
    • A surprise
    • I don`t know
    • Not telling you :-)
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