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10 Weeks pregnant

Week 10 starts on day 70 and goes up to day 77. It is your eleventh pregnancy week.

Length of your baby: 4.5 centimeter / 1.8 inches
Weight of your baby: 5 grams / 0.2 ozs

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  • Jurleeb

    @Twinoftwins - “Hi everyone I`m 36 t...„
    They give a lot of people this test, my doc says it`s just for precautions and all they are doing is measuring the shit or the neck for the baby.

  • Twinoftwins

    @trena - “I`m Trena. 40 years ...„
    I just posted something that I am worried abt that I hv never experienced b4 our youngest was born 12 years ago. Advice and hv u had to go thru this testing

  • Twinoftwins

    Hi everyone I`m 36 this is our 7 and 8th, and they tell me with my age and ethnic background I`m at risk of having babies with DS. Ive never smoked drank or did any type of drugs, shoot I don`t even like to take headache meds. I really was not expecting that info I hv to hv a sono when I am 12-13 weeks which I will b that in abt 2 wks. Plz do any one hv any advice. That have became pregnant after 34. Thank u

  • trena

    I`m Trena. 40 years old baby number 6 and have 5 boys. Praying for a girl.

  • Proudnommyof4

    Hi my name is Michelle and this is baby number 4 and I been having morning sickness all day long and keep having bad headache and weak and shaking a lot due date 2-24-17

  • Nulle4

    Baby No. 5:) due: 22th december 2016, Im 37 years old and have 2 girls and 2 boy. I guese Im having a boy again<3

  • Kellylou

    Baby no5 due 19th Dec 2016. I`m 37yrs old and I feel it. I have 4 boys so fingers crossed for a girl. I wish I could float in a pool of carbonated water whilst eating chips and gravy...

  • roxie29330

    @charuma - “Am in 10th week i fe...„
    Me to I`m so ready to feel normal again. Due date dec.19,2016 .will be my 3rd. Never had this problem with my other 2 pregnancies.

  • Rosiebaby

    Hi I am Rosie 39 this is my first baby ever and I tell u I been so sick since I found out I have only night sickness and now that I try to eat I can keep nothing down

  • Momtobe2016

    I`ll be 11 weeks on sunday, and i currently just got over the 24hour flu. It was awful, other than that i haven`t really puked so far, some days my nausea is bad and sometimes i don`t get it.

  • savannadestinee

    10 weeks today. Never really had mornimg sickness this whole time. I only throw up after every other shower, which is weird... But i am always tired!

  • Cynt83

    I am ten weeks today and feel terrible been in bed all day and ms all day so frustrated.

  • Jewelz88

    Just started my 10 th week and I feel great not tired not sick nothing anymore :) can`t wait to see my bundle of joy

  • hleigh77

    I am 10 weeks tomorrow so happy but so sick most of the time. I did not have morning sickness exhaustion like this with my son its all day sickness and I just never want to get out of bed. I have to of course, anyway...I wish I could have an ultra sound already but no...not until the 25th so not until 12 weeks...blah

  • hleigh77

    @ ELLIEISLAME, you can put the due date that you are and it will match up your weeks...its what I did

    @ mammabear04 - oh my gosh NO!! and I hope I dont ever have that taste, please do not share that symptom :)

  • Mammabear04

    Does any other moms out there taste a verry gassy taste it is horrible I have been gassy with other pregnancys but never tasted the gas.

  • ellieislame

    Not the most accurate thing in the world.. but right now I should be 11 weeks and 5 days and this thing says i`m 10 weeks, ooook but, having hope this pregnancy will go well

  • lili3

    This is my forth pregnancy and i have never i mean not even my other pregnancys felt so sleepy and nauses , i feel moody ,bloated ,and the nausea is horrible i cant wait until it gets better its like everything is times 5 with twins , i love this little babies so much already i cant wait to have them in my arms

  • nobuzwe

    please you can update me everyday?

  • Eloiza

    These is one complicated pregnancy 10 weeks

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Members in week 10

If you are 10 pregnant your due date is from Sunday, 15 May 2022 through Saturday, 21 May 2022.


    • A girl
    • A boy
    • A multiple birth
    • A surprise
    • I don`t know
    • Not telling you :-)
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