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10 Weeks pregnant

Week 10 starts on day 70 and goes up to day 77. It is your eleventh pregnancy week.

Length of your baby: 4.5 centimeter / 1.8 inches
Weight of your baby: 5 grams / 0.2 ozs

Your pregnancy at 10 weeks 


What's happening with mum

Pregnancy is certainly a colorful process. As well as any blotchiness or redness you might notice on your face due to hormones and all that extra blood pumping through your body you may also see blue streaks across your abdomen and breasts. Your heart is now pumping blood to your uterus and placenta which means your total bloodflow has increased by approximately 35 percent and these veins  become more visible as they plump up to deal with the extra volume.

As well as those veins you may find your breasts beginning to grow as your milk producing glands are being nourished by estrogen and progesterone, in readiness to breast feed your baby when it arrives.

What's happening with baby

Your baby is now 3 to 4cm long and her tiny bone and joints are devloping nicely. Tiny depressions in the skin will mark where her knees and ankles will grow allowing her to bend and flex her legs and feet.

Her head, now adorned with little nub ears and nose continues to develop to form her own unique features and her gums forming in the growing jawbone already contain tiny teeth.

Baby's skin will be covered in a fine downy hair called lanugo. This is the first hair her follcles will produce and in most cases is shed in the womb before birth. Some babies reatin this hair until after they are born, giving them a peachy feel to their skin.


The Practicalities

Now that you are beginning to blossom it might be a good time to find some maternity clothes. Many retailers now have a maternity section and while you may not find everything you want they have a much better selection now than they did when you were the bump. It is important to find clothes you feel comfortable in and this is especially important when finding a new bra. Get something comforble but supportive as your breasts will continue to enlarge and become heavier.




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  • Judie

    Am 11 weeks and 6 days, but had a bleeding last week Tuesday, when I reported to the doctor and scan was showing the baby is okay. I wonder why blood came for just 5 minutes, a small particle came and stopped immediately. Doctor failed to tell the cause of bleeding.
    Anybody with information about this

  • ShyyLouise090

    I'm currently 9 weeks and 4 days with baby number 5.

  • aztlandreams

    I am on Day 4 of the 10th week :). This is our rainbow baby. I am nervous, scared, all the emotions and being extremely cautious, even gave up coffee just in case. I am praying everything continues well. So far we have not told his side of the family only my a few on my side. I didn't want the stress of the issues that happen last year when we lost our baby. By the way, I am 46 years old, pregnant naturally. I'm still scared to 100% celebrate the baby. But still celebrate him/her with my husband privately.

  • Zayna

    You look absolutely amazing! I am sooo happy to hear you are pregnant naturally. I want a huge family and I would love to conceive in my 40’s. That’s awesome. I hope everything goes smoothly and that this baby brings you joy, happiness and everything under the rainbow 😍

  • TKWiley

    I am so frustrated right now!!! Due to having to rely on the va to be seen bc for some reason the health insurance we are paying $1000 for each month won`t cover anything till we pay $3000 of the deductible I am not going to be seen by a doctor until I am in my second trimester!!!! Oh and then at the new year we would have to pay another $3000 before they start covering. Its so so frustrating! I just hope I am doing everything right and things will just be like me last two pregnancies.

  • monaliza

    @Samantha89 - “Due 19 may 18...„
    I`m due on May 24 2018

  • Samantha89

    Due 19 may 18

  • kingsmomplus1

    Due date is 04/01/2018!!!

  • Chloealija

    Due date 18/03/18

  • Lovechildofmine

    Due date 2/14/18


    due feb 7th 2018

  • Sana13

    @adtreu - “due date feb,7th 201...„
    Due date 8th Feb, 2018

  • adtreu

    due date feb,7th 2018

  • ruthtaylor

    Due date 10.01.2018 :) How exciting! <3

  • babynefreyjaorronan

    @Lyndsy lou - “@babynefreyjaorronan...„
    Mine is December 21st :)

  • Lyndsy-Lou

    @babynefreyjaorronan - “First Ultrasound yes...„
    Congratulations babynefreyjaorronan. What is your due date? Mine is December 15.

  • babynefreyjaorronan

    First Ultrasound yesterday with First Baby <3 10 wks 1 day, so excited to see you little one <3

  • Lyndsy-Lou

    Got to see my Rainbow baby today in my second ultrasound. Heartbeat has jump up to 169 bpm from 127 just a few weeks ago. Baby is measuring at 11 weeks 1 days but Dr said he is keeping my original due date of December 15, 2017!!!! So over the moon right now.

  • Lyndsy-Lou

    10 weeks and 1 days with my Rainbow baby. We get to celebrate big sister birthday tomorrow. My daughter who will be 3 on May 21 can`t wait to see her brother/ sister! Feeling so blessed.

  • Rosie1970

    46 years old. 4 boys, praying for a girl. Blessed and beyond excited.

  • Aleishaal

    @trena - “I`m Trena. 40 years ...„
    Trena did they mention anything to you about being high risk at this age?

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If you are 10 pregnant your due date is from Wednesday, 25 January 2023 through Tuesday, 31 January 2023.


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