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Week 0 & 1

Menstruation to Ovulation

Week 1 starts on day 7 and goes up to day 14. It is your second pregnancy week.

The first two pregnancy weeks start on day 0.
As soon as you ovulate you're in week 2

Length of your baby: 0 millimeter
Weight of your baby: 0 grams / 0 ozs

So you think you may be 1 week pregnant.

This week is one of the most confusing. If you are here it is most likely because you have missed a period and have worked it out that you are about 1 week pregnant. Well.....because all women are different and menstrual/ovulation cycles vary, it could be that you are anything from 1 to 4 weeks pregnant. There are also other factors which can contribute to a missed or late period so don't panic or celebrate just yet. 

Other changes in your mind and body, apart from pregnancy such as weight gain/loss, medication, illness, stress, major trauma, hormonal changes etc. can also result in a late or missed period and you should always visit your doctor if you are worried.

If however, you are certain you are pregnant, knowing exactly how far along you are is vital. We have provided a handy, easy to use calculator for you to work this out.

Please fill in the required information to find out which week of pregnancy you are in. Results will automatically re-direct you to the appropriate week.


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  • john123

  • Sienne-Smith

    When I was pregnant I got to know from other pregnancy forums about the tools that are available for various stages of pregnancy. I checked the due date calculator on whattoexpect that was very helpful.

  • Balungile

    I M balunginge nd m 5mnths preg nd M soooooo happy...

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  • Sanam bajwa

    Hi I am sanam n I am 7 weeks pregnant

  • Jewels82

    I`m planning to have my next baby. My last period began September 16. I`m hoping to conceive soon.

  • Amandah

    5 more days till scheduled c section I`ve literally looked at this website every other day throughout my pregnancy and have enjoyed reading everyone`s posts has made time fly.... congrats to all the new mommies!!!

  • Kady doucet

    Hey I`m Sabrina and I`m 4 wewks

  • Nez

    I`m so happy to have finally found a website i love! wish i could have found this sooner, i`m already on my last tri :( i love reading all you other women`s comments and articles!

  • tinkdeion29

    @Leeshalove - “Im 5weeks with me an...„
    5 weeks too and I`m so happy this will be number three

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