Ovulation ticker 

Ovulation ticker

Your ovulation ticker (04/21/2024)

This ovulation ticker shows what is happening in your body, when you may have your ovulation, when your most fertile days are and when you can try a pregnancy test.

*First day of your cycle = First day of last period
*Luteal phase = Days between ovulation and next period. Usually 14 days.

Your ovulation ticker

Add it to any blog, website or profile. When you copy the code exactly the dates will update automatically

The `Put on my profile` button will add this ticker automatically to your profile, in your `About me` block. If you want to add this ticker to other forums you'll need on of the codes below. In most cases you need the HTML code.


BB-Code: (Some forums use this instead of HTML code)

Delete a ticker

  1. Go to your profile and click on the pencil next to `About me`
  2. Select the ticker in the editor
  3. Press the `Delete` or `Backspace` key a few times untill the ticker is deleted.
  4. Save.

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Did you know?

  • All the eggs you will need later in life are already made before you are born. Those are kept inside your body for 15-50 years.
  • Your fertile period start with your first period, also called the `menarche`. It ends with the menopause.
  • During your life you will ovulate 400 to 450 times.
  • Unlike most animals it is almost impossible to see when a woman is ovulating.