Being pregnant is an exciting and new time of life. It can also be a little stressful if this is your first time being pregnant. Each pregnancy is going to be different and present new and unique challenges. Luckily there are some guidelines that all women should follow to have a safe and happy pregnancy. 

This does not mean that everything will go smoothly. You will still get cravings and may feel over emotional. This is nothing to worry about and is normal, just be sure that you are taking care of yourself and baby.

Here are some things you should be aware of while you are pregnant:

Listen to Your Body

This is one of the best ways to make sure that your body and baby are happy and healthy. Pregnancy brings about a lot of changes, most of them to your body. You may feel like you are tired a lot more than you used to be. You may also notice different changes happening to your body. 

The best thing that you can do for yourself and your body is to listen to your body. No, that does not mean you get to eat all the junk food you want, it means you have to take care of yourself. Understanding the changes of pregnancy can help you prepare to make your life more manageable. 

Get Rid of Expectations

You may have crazy expectations for yourself and those around you, especially if you have been trying for a long period of time. This can include but is not limited to doing yoga everyday, eating super healthy, and expecting to not have to quit your job or adjust your schedule.    

More often than not, you will find yourself being exhausted from doing nothing and may experience morning sickness during the first trimester. While you may want to redecorate everything before the baby comes, it is important to focus on yourself and make sure you are being taken of and staying healthy. 

Adjust Your Beauty Routine

Yes, there are certain harmful ingredients that can harm your baby during pregnancy. Research and ask your medical professional what you can and can’t use if you are confused. Stay away from essential oils, such as doTERRA since they can be harmful. 

This may mean that you have to stop using some of your favorite products for nine months. You will still want to keep some sort of beauty routine. Your skin will undergo a lot of changes throughout the entire pregnancy so you will want to give it some extra attention.  

Make Some Positive Changes

If you feel like your energy level has not changed or you have finally entered the wonderful second trimester, you can make time for amazing things. If you are not working or have lessened your hours, you can spend more time doing things you enjoy. 

This could be self reflecting by journaling or taking some time in the morning to think about what you want to accomplish. This is also a great time to start eating healthier and cutting harmful substances out of your life.

Listen to Your Doctor

Your OBGYN is a person who you should take their advice seriously. If you do not like your doctor or do not trust them, you can get a different doctor. If the doctor thinks that the baby is in danger and wants you to stay on bed rest, you should probably follow those instructions. 

While this may seem unnecessary or unfair they really are looking out for you and your baby. Listen to them and talk with them about what supplements you are taking and what you should be taking. 

Each pregnancy is going to be different from each other, but be patient with your body and the journey it is on. What are some things that you found helpful in this article? Be sure to share this with a friend or loved one who is expecting! 

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