Whether you just found out you are pregnant or you want to become pregnant in the near future there is a lot of work you need to do to be prepared. Did you know that there are certain products that you may be using now that are not safe for you or your baby during pregnancy? 


You will want to do some serious research and find out what you should use and what you should not use while you are pregnant. This may mean buying new lotions and scrubs while stopping acne or botox treatments for 9 months. But what this does do is allow you to care for your baby and really make your skin routine it’s absolute best. 


Here are some products that you can use while you are pregnant:  


Beauty Products

This is a major concern that most women have when they are pregnant. There are certain serums and lotions, even anti-aging products that contain harmful ingredients for your baby. So, take a good look at the products that you are using. If they contain ingredients such as retinol or salicylic acid you will want to toss those products. The main reason you will want to stay away from these ingredients is that they are known to cause fetal deformities during pregnancy. 


Go All Natural

There has never been a better time to go all natural than when you are pregnant. This can help you stay away from looking at the ingredient lists all day at the beauty store. You can also start to incorporate essential oils into your routine. 

You can look at why doterra to see their whole entire process of where their resources come from and the process they go through. Make sure you see what products are safe because most of them will need to be diluted in some form before you apply them. This can be done by mixing them with a safe lotion or even coconut oil before applying the oil to your body.


Vitamin C

This is a great product that you should start to include in your beauty and health regime. This vitamin can help your skin stay firm and can help fight against dreaded stretch marks. Choose lotions that contain vitamin C and feel free to rub them on your belly. 

If you do not have the energy to look for products that contain certain ingredients, we understand completely. You can use companies, such as Belli, that specialize in pregnancy products that are completely safe and cruelty free. This saves you some time and effort while also looking out for yourself and your baby.  



Botox and chemical facials are a big no-no while you are pregnant. This is because the products and chemicals get into your bloodstream and your baby’s. Certain acne treatments and a lot of topical ointments are not okay to use either while you are pregnant.

What is safe to use is microneedling. This is a relatively painless process that can help your skin and reduces acne scars overtime. You can even visit your trusted esthetician or dermatologist and see what products they recommend for acne or any skin concerns during pregnancy. 


Look for Safe Products

While it seems that they are a lot of products that cannot be used, there are products that you can use. Keep your eye out for safe products while you are at the pharmacy or grocery store. Write down what ingredients you should be avoiding so you know what you should avoid and what is safe at all times. Once you find safe products you can use those throughout your entire pregnancy, so you don’t have to be constantly looking for different products to use. 

Being pregnant is an exciting adventure. There are so many different things to learn and do before the baby arrives. What are your go to products while you are pregnant? Comment below and be sure to share this with a friend who is currently pregnant. 

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