I am currently 12 weeks along with my 5th baby. My 4th who is 20 months old still breastfeeds. I do not want to stop him as I breastfed my other children until they weaned themselves and I want the same for him (the others weaned off at 2 and a half - 3) The pain in my nipples is excruciating and it has been for the last 6 weeks everytime he latches. It is becoming unbearable! Now that I am heading into my second trimester will the tenderness subside? Has anyone else dealt with this successfully? What did you do? How long did it last? I'm getting desperate and my search for anything helpful on google is failing me.

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  • IrenKot

    You should know that at 4th months of pregnancy breast milk varies in composition. The body begins to secrete colostrum, milk for nutrition of the newborn after childbirth. The baby you are breastfeeding will feel this difference. After all, the taste of milk will change and it will stand out less. Sometimes in such cases, the baby can refuse to breast-feed. After all, it will be difficult to feed a two- or three-year-old child and an infant at the same time. So daytime breast sucking should be minimized. Instead, it is recommended to offer the baby something to eat or drink. I also shared my thoughts about vitamins for breastfeeding mom. The child needs to be told that the milk is no longer there. You need to explain to your child that you still love him.

  • Magdajm

    I don’t have this experience but I’d suggest calling a midwife. Home birth midwife. They know much more than the world can imagine. My first home birth midwife performed “magic” on me and knew/helped with every question I had during my pregnancy. My second home birth midwife is as amazing and knowledgeable.
    They are the nicest people who will help you with questions like that because they usually have 6-8 kids on their own...
    You don’t have to be their patient to ask a question!

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