You have probably heard about success stories with online learners. You have also probably heard the long list of the advantages associated with online learning. However, you have probably never heard of why online learning is such a bad idea. People tend to praise it so much it is almost unbelievable that it could be a bad idea for you. Online learning however is a bad idea for many reasons. Today, we shall outline why you should think twice if you are considering online learning.

1. Non accreditation

Imagine attending a four year course without getting a certificate that verifies your study. This is exactly what online education is about. You may undertake a course you are interested in however, at the end of the study period, you may not get a certificate. All the hours you put in learning as well as the energy could all be for nothing. You might have performed well in all your classes but if there is no award of a certificate then the degree is considered useless. This is a major drawback for most online institutions and those students who are considering the platform. There are however some institutions that are accredited but have limited courses that one can undertake. There are also institutions that claim to be accredited but they are really not. You therefore have to be highly vigilant to avoid such situations.

2. Minimal face-to-face interaction

Although this is obvious, it really does not hit you until you are facing it. As an online student, there is no exchange between you and the instructor, even for more essential subjects such as physics. It is more of a monologue since you are the only party present. This may not seem as a drawback in the beginning but as you progress with your studies, you will learn the importance of the teacher as well as your peers in absentia. You may not understand a concept in its entirety and need the instructor’s input but it shall be missing. This can prove to be hard for a student to keep up with the studies. You will also require more effort to build social relationships especially with people in your field because you are used to being alienated from the world.

3. Need for self-discipline

It may seem as something easy or something that comes automatically but it does not. Once you are an online student, you are on your own. You basically need to plan everything and execute it all on your own. You will therefore require intense planning and organization skills if you are to excel. These do not come easy as you have so much freedom as you are responsible for your study hours. You will also need to stay true to yourself and focus on your goals. Focus on the right direction and not stray from the right path as you could easily lag behind with just a simple drawback.

4. More work

There is definitely more work for an online student compared to a full-time student. Online requires you to put more hours a week than the regular courses. This is because you have to prove that you have a good mastery of the subject content. You will therefore be subjected to more assignments than the regular students. This can easily drain a student as the work is too much.

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