The assumption that playing classical music to the unborn child is based on common sense and logic. Unlike most if not all of the necessary knowledge, it requires almost no anatomic or physiological background.
Let’s assume that hypothetically an unborn is capable to formulate subjective musical tastes inside of the womb of his mother. In that case one of the three scenarios are plausible
• Baby likes it
• Baby dislikes it
• Baby is indifferent
First two conditions presuppose the following reaction. If a baby develops feelings for classical compositions, the baby will be more aware of what s/he wants in the future. But the baby’s experience of distress because of unpleasant stimulations by the sound may reflect on the basics of the child’s behavior. It will only make the child more irritable. Which can ultimately make the life of parents and child excessively emotional.

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I’m a professional editor at I like to explore different branches of biology. Mainly epidemiology and gerontology.

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