What was your age and first thought?

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  • Stronglove13

    25 and super excited we were successful our first month of trying.

  • Latin_Lady

    I was 34. And my first thought was simply: yaaaay!!!
    Overwhelmed by joy and happiness... I couldn’t believe it, there were gonna be 3 persons in our little family, after 18 years of being just the 2 of us. And after z few weeks we found out there were actually going to be 4, not 3. When we first found out, my thoughts were thoughts of happiness, my husband could only think of how our house would be too small for 2 kids He immediately started rebuilding it in his head.

  • Rosalyn

    I was 18. Not sure what my first thought was but it was probably something like hooray quickly followed by so now wha,t as I had no idea what it meant or what to expect.

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