Not everyone adores flowers. There are so many reasons why they do it. A person could be allergic to flowers or have no place to keep them or maybe someone just find them as a bad gift. What is the best gift for such persons when you need to thank them or congratulate?

If someone doesn’t like flowers bouquets you may send fruit bouquets made of strawberries, grape, small pineapples, and other fresh fruits. You may also put there champagne or wine bottles.

Another way to present something except flowers - small tea set and a box of good tea. Tea is a really appropriate gift for everyone, especially when it is packed in a nice wrapping paper.

Some person don't like flower bouquets because they found them ecologically unfriendly. Not all appreciate such gifts although flowers are pleasant for our eyes and have fantastic smell. It is a good idea to gift them potted plant in a designer pot, made of recycled cardboard and other biodegradable materials.

Sometimes there is a need to send a gift to a man. And that’s why there is a doubt - is it good to send flowers to a man? Some of the men don’t appreciate flowers, so it is good to send them a craft beer package with some snacks they like.

If a person is a gourmet, perfect way to please him is to gift him some delicacies, for example, cheese like Brie, Camembert, Gorgonzola or smoked ham. Someone makes a bouquet from ham, cheese, salted crackers, and Indian chatney and it is better than send flowers.

Sometimes it is needed to give a present to a big boss and it should be something more than just flowers. In that case, it is pertinent to gift day or week planner made of natural leather with wood or metal elements. Of course, all colleagues should sign it and it will be a great memory for your boss.

We all know how it is difficult to find a gift for moms, especially before the Mother Day. We want to say how much we thank her. You may send flowers and, of course, mom will be happy, but she will be pleased more when will see a gift card to a spa. Your mom will really assess massage, algal or chocolate wrapping and face scrubs.

Once in a while, we were in situations when we had to gift just a small souvenir to thank someone and flowers will be ‘too much’. Why not to buy cute candles, small silk scarf or handmade jewelry box? It will be a great memory of a man who gifted it.

An interesting variant is to send flowers in a cup with a funny photo of a person or with a meaningful graffiti. It will be fantastic if you do it yourself.

Perhaps, the person a present will be gifted to may appreciate extremely experience. For example, parachute jump, rafting, bungee jumping or something else. Of course, first, you should know if he/she prefers extreme sports.

And the last cool alternative is to send a bouquet of…balloons! Everyone love balloons – there are bright, colorful and suits for everyone. It will be a good way to thank your friends and congratulate someone with childbirth, graduation or coming home back after being away. In case you need to send flowers to Serbia try FloraQueen!

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