My daughter has had this problem before. Atopic dermatitis in children 2 months of age and older. As a young first-time mother, my experience is lacking a lot.
The baby was a girl again, which was a very stressful time for me. I tried everything from going to the doctor to planning. Use all folk remedies. I try to take crushed betel leaves and apply to the baby. But the leaves contain many antibiotic substances, It also dries the wound very quickly. so they are not used much and for a long time. lolbeans
When the girl was 3 years old, it is not known whether due to increased antibodies or due to external influences, she completely recovered. Lucky.
After soaking in the sea for a few days, the girl was completely cured. It was probably a miracle for my family.
A dip in the sea can also be a solution. The amount of salt in the sea has a very good antibacterial effect.
We can try. Hope my feedback will be helpful for children with this condition. I want everyone in stressful situations like me to come up with a new, more positive approach.

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