The biggest disadvantage modern kids have is their poor ability or oftentimes even inability to communicate with adults, or even with their peers...

The vast majority of the children are having big difficulties while facing another person for even a brief dialogue. Whether it is starting a conversation or maintaining it, or at least saying back “hello.” And there is no point to blame children, nor technological progress. It is one of the cases when the responsibility lies on parents. They are to blame if they fail to cope with their task as educators. Parents should help children to develop communicative skills by not talking instead of them. They should explain why it is important to interact with people live. Talking instead of them and making it okay for them to stay silent instead of saying “hi” to a person is as harmful as making a child stay away from every animal. It is the deleterious way of parenting. It softens the character and it limits the child’s perspective to talk to a stranger and become likable since the kid will not get used to acquiring a fundamental skill of presenting himself offline.

About the author:
​I’m a 23-year-old father of the hurricane named Tommy and professional editor at I like to explore different branches of biology. For the most part, my current fields of interest are epidemiology and gerontology.

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