I am 6 weeks. I know pretty early pregnancy. I have 1 kids but this pregnancy is already hard. I can't keep anything down. Every time I get up I get dizzy and I throw up. Every smell makes me sick.. I also sleep all day. I went to 4 doctors appointments here in Greensboro, NC. They did a ultrasounds at all of them .They told me they can't tell me anything to protect them from getting sued again..
And that they will have a doctor call me to explain anything. But even when they do the doctors still tell me the same thing we can't tell you anything so I don't know anything about my pregnancy. I'm completely in a dark. Yesterday my doctor told me I was likely to have a miscarriage and that it was nothing I could do.. that was it.. then later on I got a call from another doctor telling me that i was having a normal pregnancy. Then I got another ultrasound with a pic that look like I was having twins but the doctors told me that they dont know and can't tell me anything. I'm so lost right now

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