Hi, Two days ago (30th January 2018) I had my implant taken out after having it in for 3 years. Me and my boyfriend have been saying for a long while now we are going to try for a baby.. we have literally got everything all we need is just a baby, due to my mum having a 1 year old she has given us everything. But im worried i wont have a baby till like 2-3 months because of my implant been inside my arm, i asked the nurse see how fast it could be till i can get pregnant she said straight away but iv also been told depending on my body, i cant count on my last period because when my implant was in i was on practically all the time like 3 - 4 months straight and since its been out i haven`t had a period i know im not pregnant because its only been 3 days but im just wondering how long it can take for me and my boyfriend to have a baby without knowing when my period plans? please help. `

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