When disciplining your child, never use harsh words because you are angry. I have found that it is better to give your child a time out before talking with them about whatever they did. This also allows you a time out and time to think about what you want to say. Because we are human and sometimes don’t think before we speak, it is important to take a time out and really think about what to say. The wrong words can just make the situation worse.

If you look up the word harsh in Webster’s New World Dictionary, you will find one definition says: offensive to the mind or feelings. While another definition says: cruel or severe. When it comes to the words we use toward each other in the heat of an argument, we could say that they can be both offensive and cruel to severe at times. Words can cut like a sword and make us bleed just as easily. I believe there is a song that uses the lyrics “cuts like a knife”.

Too many times I have heard parents scream at their children in stores, at school and even at church. I have seen parents slap, kick and even bite their children when they get angry with them. The worst I have ever personally witnessed was when a so-called friend used a string of profanity on her son, when he accidentally dropped something. The language that she used on this child made my mouth drop. I was shocked. Afterward, I spoke to her son and he told me that he knew that she didn’t mean what she said. He said that was how she was whenever she got mad at him. Can you imagine how this child might be when he becomes an adult.

"Children, like all of us, are sensitive to words. Once said, you can’t take them back." - say managers from best resume writing service. They will always be on the mind of those you said them to. So, be very careful when speaking to your child. Choose your words carefully and speak calmly to your child, even if you are mad. Parents set the examples for their children. Try and set the right example for your children.

Take a time out, step back from the situation and consider what is the right thing to say. How should you hand the situation without using inappropriate words. There are many words in the English language that are more appropriate then cussing at a child or calling them stupid. When anyone is exposed to harsh words for too long, eventually it will affect how they feel about themselves and possibly others. Children are especially vulnerable. Be sensitive to them. Choose your words wisely.

Our children are exposed to inappropriate words too much nowadays. The television, movies, music and of course their friends, neighbors and family. Please be aware of what you say. “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will stay with me forever.”

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