Getting pregnant is not always as easy as it sounds. But if you want to bring a new life to this world, today is your lucky day.
Ava can notify you of a 5-day period during each month in which the greatest chance of becoming pregnant is done with a simple smart bracelet or seiko watches http://www.rafiqsonsonline.com/product-category/seiko/

The world's first tracker, by definition, the ability to conceive has already made a stir in the United States, and today it starts selling in the UK.Ava Bracelet

One of the attractive sides of Ava is its ease of use, one of the bracelet creators, Leah Von Bidder, told The Memo.

Just wear it at night, after waking up, synchronize with the Ava application. And this application will calculate what is your cycle time now.

“Tracking your cycle has so far been inaccurate and difficult - women needed to do a daily urine analysis, take temperature every morning or try to calculate the cycle period using the calendar method”

says Von Bidder.

“Ava will help you avoid the weight of the inconvenience caused by other methods of tracking the possibility of getting pregnant, such as test strips and internal thermometers.”

The principle of operation of the Ava is really just amazing: every night the device collects more than 3 million readings: pulse, respiration rate, sleep quality, changes in heart rate, body temperature.

Then all these data are compared with the level of your sex hormones (including estradiol and progesterone) to compile your individual calendar.
Scientists from the University of Zurich came to the conclusion that the device determines the favorable 5-day interval for conception with a certainty of 98% and has just begun the second more extensive study.

"Time is crucial for increasing the chances of conceiving," says Von Bidder.

"Ava can shorten the time it takes to conceive in half."Principle of Ava

Many women prefer to have children in adulthood, so a device like the Ava is needed now more than ever.
In a 28-year-old woman's body, only 10 out of 12 eggs produced are viable, and in a 38-year-old woman, the number of such eggs drops from 12 to two.

“Even under the most favorable conditions - a young healthy couple with frequent unprotected sex, the chances of conceiving a child in one month are 25%,” explains Von Bidder.

Ava can help relieve tension.

“Our goal with Ava, now and in the future, is to help women manage their reproductive health,” says Von Bidder.
“Ava ideally helps them to better enjoy the moment of creating a family and conceiving a child, and not to turn it into a tense, tedious and inconvenient affair.

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