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When you were pregnant for the first time..

What was your age and first thought?



7 days
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Is it working?

Just a little test....



8 days
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Hi, Two days ago (30th January 2018) I had my implant taken out after having it in for 3 years. Me and my boyfriend have been saying for a long while now we are going to try for a baby.. we have literally got everything all we need is just a baby, due to my mum having a 1 year old she has given us everything. But im worried i wont have a baby till like 2-3 months because of my implant been inside my arm, i asked the nurse see how fast it could be till i can get pregnant she said straight away bu...



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I`ve been having problems with TTC and being able to track when I ovulate. I have regular periods and regular sex and have no concerns that I can think of that would cause me not to be pregnant yet. I just would like some advice on what can I do or use to help with this process.



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am pregnant now

Anyone trying to conceive or have this same problems below should please do contact doctor climent Scott now he will help you too. 1.Trying to get pregnant 2. Infection 3. Blockage from the fallopian Tube 4. Cyst from the ovaries 5. Unpleasant smell from the virginal 6. Irregular menstruation 7. Infertility for easy Conception.. 8. skin diseases, Toilet infection and bad body odor 9. Fibroid 10.HIV AIDS Etc.. drclimentscott@gmail. com drclimentscott@gmail. com +2347036879479 +23470368794...



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