I'm surprised that nobody has commented here yet! I am 35 years old, married since Feb this year. I had a well-meaning friend ask when I was going to start trying for kids, because "geriatric pregnancies are high risk you know". Thanks. I had two issues with this question. Firstly, how do you know that we hadn't already? As far as you were aware, we could have been trying for years, one of us might be suffering from infertility issues. You don't know! as it was, we had been trying for three months at that point, and I was getting increasingly discouraged, thinking maybe we'd never have them. Her 'well-meaning' comment didn't help. My other glaring issue was being called geriatric. I'm 35, not 80. Sure, I'm in the older bracket, and any pregnancy I have will be high risk, but that doesn't make it impossible. It just means I'll have to have more frequent checks, I'm ok with that. I actually had a positive pregnancy two months ago, unfortunately, I lost it very early. That makes the grief no less, it did press home what my friend had said a little harder though, and I felt myself thinking that maybe she was right, maybe I was too old? Luckily, I have a very supportive husband and wonderful friends and parents who helped me through that time. If you're on this topic, I assume you are in a similar boat. I can tell you that right now, I'm just back from the doctor where I've had another positive pregnancy test and am waiting on tenterhooks for the confirmation of the blood results (fingers crossed for tomorrow). So there you have it, I'm high risk, but I'm not old! I just need more attention. Have you been told that you're too old?

I'm not old!

I can't hear haters

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  • Moxyligeia

    I’m 39 and pregnant with my third. I had my first two at 24 and 26. I was younger and fitter. But I also know that I’m strong now and my body can do this. It may be a bit harder at 39 but I’ve got support from my fiancé and love in my heart!

  • Sashab4u

    I’m glad you didn’t let this disencourage you. I started trying at the age of 28 and it was tough at first, it took a tearful 13 months to get pregnant. I’d like to tell you now that I’m 35 and I’ve recently discovered I’m pregnant with baby number 4!!! Everybody is different. You can be in your late 40s and have a healthy pregnancy.
    Oh and congratulations if you are pregnant xx hope it goes well for you

  • danielmoore

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    I am 43 and currently pregnant

  • missemery

    35 is still very young

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