Because I know for sure about him only from movies. Indiana Jones enters the forbidden lands and steals dangerous artifacts, Jackie Chan does not lag behind him and travels for the Armor of God. In short, I also want to feel like an adventurer for a day or two!

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  • morrissel311

    Adventure Life is an adventure travel company offering private journeys, small group tours, and expedition voyages throughout the world.

  • FrobiddenZone

    Oh, I know that desire. My friends and I often go out in search of adventure, and as luck would have it, we go to the abandoned territory of a company. It seems like nothing interesting, but you walk around those rooms, and from the thought that at every turn a monster can wait, the adrenaline goes well. It is with this mood that our journey here began. One trip, of course, was not enough, and it is a tradition, in the spring, to travel to Chernobyl

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