Shmelev was an Orthodox thinker, writer and publicist. Ivan was a very ardent representative of the conservative Christian direction of Russian literature, among the few famous Orthodox spiritual writers, whose work from time to time does not fade at all, does not lose not only spiritual importance, but also the attractiveness of language flavor and style for future generations of readers, is the name of Ivan Sergeyevich Shmelev.


"Summer of the Lord"

In the wonderful book "Summer of the Lord" by Ivan Shmelev before the reader presents the old Moscow life seen through the eyes of a child, reveals the world of a Russian man, whose life is imbued with the Orthodox spirit and warmed by the Christian faith. The meaning and beauty of Orthodox holidays, rites, customs papersmart that remain unchanged from century to century, is revealed so brightly and talentedly that the novel has become a true encyclopedia of Russian Orthodox life.


"The Sun of the Dead"

Sun of the Dead" by Russian writer-emigrant Ivan Shmelev is one of the most tragic and piercing works of world literature of the XX century. Every word of the epic was personally suffered by the author, who survived the terrible drama (his son was shot by Bolsheviks). Shmelev witnessed the terrible consequences of the civil war - the red terror in the Crimea, famine, devastation, need. Many were dashingly dying: either by a starving death, or violently, without trial, because of the betrayal of their own compatriots. Against the background of the picturesque Crimean nature, not only people died, but all living things. And above them stood the sun of the dead...


"Old Valaam"

"Like St. Athos, Valaam, to this day, shines. Athos to the south, Valaam to the north. In the twilight of our time, in the "night of peace", we need beacons. I remembered a bright page in the past. Recently, as if to strengthen myself, I learned that two novices, whom I had met in passing on Valaam, had marked in a book, had performed a feat over the years. I learned that they have become the "light of the world", that they live. Valaam gave them obedience. And so, living threads stretched from "now" to the past, this past shines on me. In this light, that Valaam, far away. And I thought that it would be useful to remember and tell about him: he is still the same, light. I.S. Shmelev.


"The paths of heaven"

The novel "Heavenly Ways" by the famous Russian writer-emigrant I.S.Shmelev is, as the author himself put it, "an experience of a spiritual novel" on which he worked for more than fifteen years. Unfortunately, the novel was left unfinished by the author. The first volume was written in May 1936, the second one was created in 1944-1947. The writer's death in 1950 prevented him from completing the last part of this trilogy. The novel is based on the true story of two people who lived in the late 19th century near the Optina Desert - engineer Victor Weidengammer and Daria Queen. Daria, a meek and deeply believing girl, the spiritual daughter of the famous Optina elder Joseph, contributed to the moral rebirth of Victor Alexeevich. After her sudden death, Viktor becomes an Optina desert monk. It's a novel about human feelings, moral choices and spiritual rebirth. Ivan Shmelev has long since won the glory of a writer, expressing in his work the Orthodox view of the world. But this book is also for those who are not yet accustomed to the charm of good Russian prose.

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