The child's health largely depends on how his mother's pregnancy proceeded.

Was she exposed to stress? Did you work in hazardous work? Did you go out on the night shift?

Naturally, stress and night shifts will not benefit the unborn child. But, if the work gives a woman pleasure, not hard and beloved, then there is no point in leaving it.

During pregnancy, a woman is not contraindicated in a normal working day. However, getting up early, inconveniences in transport (even if you have your own car), exhaust fumes, rush, stress at work - all this can have a harmful effect on the body of the expectant mother and baby.

Many women, fearing to displease their superiors and out of fear of dismissal, hide their ailments, are afraid to have a snack outside the lunch break, to go out into the fresh air. But you need to give your body indulgence already in the first 3 months of pregnancy. A pregnant woman's working day should not exceed six hours.

If a pregnant woman decides not to leave work during pregnancy, she will need to follow a few simple rules:

If possible, do not overwork and do not be nervous.
In the case of sedentary work, regularly take small breaks - stretch, walk.
It is very important to eat right - take food from home or in the dining room.
It is advisable to arrange small snacks - dried fruits, muesli, apples, crackers.
What is not recommended?
Expectant mothers are not recommended to work with chemicals, work "on their feet" (hairdressers, waitresses), long stay at the computer. Although all modern computers are equipped with high degrees of protection, if there is such an opportunity, it is better to move to an LCD monitor or use a laptop. And you need to make sure that the neighboring computer, turned to the pregnant woman's back, is no closer than 2 meters. During my pregnancy, I found a great job for myself - I write articles to order and answer requests write my paper on the Write My Paper Bro website.

What is prohibited?

During pregnancy, heavy and underground work, as well as carrying and moving heavy objects, are prohibited. It is not allowed to involve pregnant women in work at night. The exceptions are those industries where these measures are imperative and temporary.

Nevertheless, even if a woman observes the correct regime, and at work they meet her halfway in everything, she should go on prenatal leave two months before giving birth. Better yet, take a regular leave before maternity leave. After all, a woman has to do the most important job in life: to give birth to a healthy child.

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