We have all seen those children that seem to melt our hearts with just a simple hello. Although, not every household has such a loving child. If you are wanting more in life for your children, then read further to get a better understanding on how to guide them so they will possess gifts from the universe as well as promote a better life in society. Once you understand who star children are you can easily help your children return to a status that was once quite admirable in the world.


If your child is empathic, meaning they can read and feel other people’s emotions, then you possibly have a very unique child on your hands. You may have even heard your children speak of things that are far beyond them in years, and they often appear wiser than they should be for their age. If this is the case, then speak with your children and listen to what they have to say. They are very special in a galactical sense, and often times they are what eventually saves humanity from extinction with their ability to understand, receive information, and even alter the energy of the Earth if given the chance. However, these special children are born into being rather than molded.


If you really want your household to stand out from everyone else, then consider raising your children in accordance with some of the best qualities that we as a people have to offer; for instance, teach them how to be compassionate, disciplined, and the power of thought. Often times these lessons are overlooked, because most households are busy trying to succeed in an economical sense. Believe it or not, when we strive to make a lot of money our empathy and compassion for others as well as our surroundings diminishes a little more each day. Do not think your children will simply turn out to be compassionate without guidance, rules, and practice.


To help them understand how to be greater than the average person, it is important to be a great role model yourself. You can start simply by removing negative speak from your household. It is also a wise practice to give them the chance to practice being loving, caring, kind, and helpful on a daily basis. You can easily let them help you prepare dinner for the whole family, and this will present a feeling of accomplishment as well as helping all at once. You will find the more time you spend with your children, or talk openly with them that they begin to soften and essentially they begin to blossom as a person.


Do not let your practices wait until you feel they are old enough to understand. Instead, consider getting outside into nature for at least 1 hour every day to ensure they are aware of the importance of all life. Allow them to watch the world first hand, and even run around barefoot to get in some necessary grounding time. You will find after just one hour of your feet touching the ground that life is far easier to cope with, because you have cycled energy with the Earth.


It will take more than just being nice or loving to help your children grow up to be outstanding people. However, as you gear your attitude towards being more empathetic, helpful, or thoughtful you will find that your children tend to mirror your actions; this will allow them to practice and grow daily. You will find that over time your children have grown to be some of the greatest potential leaders the world has ever seen. Just remember to be patient, and expect set backs. We all get overwhelmed, upset, or broken from time to time; however, do not let these moments derail you from your pursuits in life. Most importantly remember to stay positive and smile; after all, a smile has been known to save many lives, and it is capable of traveling around the world in less than a day.   

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