Using digital technologies to learn, learn, build, explore and discover the world, seem within the reach of all students. Avatar of pedagogy for some, new opportunity for student success according to others, everyone agrees at least on the fact that the digital is changing profoundly ways to learn, to access knowledge and interact. How and in what direction does this transformation take place? This is what we need to try to understand, by observing what is happening in classrooms and by listening to the main actors of this change.

Digital teaching tools and resources
Numerous experiments have shown that the well-thought-out use of digital teaching tools and resources makes teaching more stimulating, more attractive and increases students' motivation, activity and commitment to their learning.

Digital equipment
Digital equipment - tablets, computers, interactive whiteboards etc. - constitute both access points to content and digital creation tools. The AFDEL particularly wishes to remind the importance of the software platform which, behind the hardware tool, brings intelligence to the equipment.

It is thus necessary to accelerate the diffusion in classrooms of digital equipment and the transformation of textbooks, in the service of education and pedagogy: collaborative work, creativity, communication, critical thinking, etc.

Mobile tools for a school grounded in reality and forward-looking
Today, the new generations are born with the new digital tools; the technological evolutions are faster than our reactions and the educational integration of these new tools. During the last ten years, we have created rooms dedicated to the use of computer tools; we realize that the school needs mobile tools, which support the teaching provided by the teaching staff.

The digital tool should not be perceived as a threat, a practice that would replace the written, and the essential knowledge but as a complementary tool, for which we must associate specific uses.

One of the tools to fight the false fatality of school failure is to prepare our children for the world of tomorrow, so that they are actors and not subjects. Every young French citizen must be fully aware of the potential of the digital world around him.

Tools to investigate
The research on the Internet or the use of "Wikipedia" is a method that is still demonized in universities and schools, the problem is not that the student uses the options on the Internet; the problem is that the professors do not teach the appropriate form to Do it and integrate it into your Write My Assignment planning.

Writing help tools
As students we can also make use of the tools properly and justify with a good practice the use of them. Among the textual and audio-visual research options on the internet we have: Wikipedia , Google Reader , Dictionary of the RAE , Dictionary , Ottobib , Spell-Jax , YouTube , Vimeo .

Communication Skype
One of the opportunities that the Internet offers us is the possibility of communicating instantaneously anywhere in the world. One of the most popular services is Skype that allows you to make calls, chat, and send files and more.

Another alternative will always be email and Gmail is at the top of the list. In addition, instant messaging: Odium,Pidgin and Meebo , the latter allows you to communicate online without needing to have the software installed. Do not forget that social networks like Facebook are also an alternative.

Blogs and micro blogging
Twitter Blogs are also a good tool in our learning and project development. There are different services that have become very popular such as: WordPress, Joomla and Blogger. There are options to create the blog using the domain of the service and you can also install the software of each service in your own domain.

In terms of Micro blogin Twitter tops the list being this the most popular of all. But over time other alternatives have emerged with an improved design, characteristics that can undoubtedly be very useful when communicating.

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