The tummy is one of the most common sources of body insecurity for women. Every woman’s body is different, and achieving a perfectly flat tummy is not easy—depending on your body type and natural build, an ultra-flat tummy might even be impossible for you. Having a curvy midsection is natural, and you shouldn’t let unattainable societal beauty standards showcased in glossy magazine spreads make you feel bad about the size or shape of your tummy. 

That being said, feeling insecure about your tummy is perfectly normal. It can make you feel under-confident in your own skin and contribute to feelings of discomfort and low confidence in your everyday outfits. If you’re a woman who struggles with trying to conceal your tummy under your clothes, check out these tummy control style tips that can help you shop for and style outfits that help you feel more confident in your own skin—no weight loss required.

1. Stay Away from Baggy Tops 

One of the most common style mistakes women make is wearing baggy tops in an attempt to keep their tummy hidden under their clothes. While it makes sense in theory, hiding your midsection under baggy tops won’t help you look or feel better in your everyday outfits. In fact, wearing baggy tops just makes you look shapeless and can even make you look heavier and wider than you really are.

With that being said, ultra-tight tops that cling to your tummy aren’t necessarily the best options either. Instead of going for one extreme or the other with tight or baggy tops, go for well-fitting tops that include texture like ruched material or lace overlay instead. Textured tops that fit snugly but not too tightly will help conceal your tummy and naturally flatter your figure without looking overly loose or baggy.

2. Avoid Tummy Trigger Food/Drinks

Developing a healthy lifestyle that helps you achieve the flat tummy of your dreams is a process. You can’t cut inches off your waistline overnight. However, there are simple tweaks you can make to your lifestyle that will quickly make a noticeable difference in how flat your tummy appears.

In the days leading up to an event—like a wedding or holiday party—where you want your tummy to look as flat as possible, make an effort to avoid consuming certain foods and drinks that might contribute to making your tummy look puffy. Avoid alcohol, refined sugar, and carb-heavy foods in the day or two leading up to an event where you want your tummy to look as flat as possible. All of these foods and drinks contribute to bloating and can make your tummy look puffier than it really is. In addition to avoiding alcohol, sugar, and carbs, drink plenty of water. Staying hydrated flushes toxins out of your system and helps you drop “water weight”, which reduces bloating and helps your midsection look slimmer fast.

3. Try Shapewear

Wearing shapewear can open up a whole new world of style options for women who feel insecure about showing off their midsection under their clothes. One of the best things about tummy control shapewear is that it is so versatile. Because the tummy is such a common source of body insecurities for so many women , there are tons of different shapewear styles that are designed specifically to sculpt and slim your midsection. In fact, shapewear designed for tummy control dominates the women’s shapewear market.

If you feel uncomfortable or insecure wearing classic shapewear styles like shaper shorts or corset shapewear, there are plenty other more subtle styles you can try. Subtle tummy control shapewear styles include high-waisted shaping panties, shaping leggings, shaping camisole tops, and more. Find high-quality options for these popular tummy control shapewear styles and more online from luxury lingerie retailer HauteFlair. These discreet tummy control shapewear options offer you the best of both worlds:  they give you the same shaping benefits and confidence boost that heavy-duty shapewear styles do, but no one else will have any idea you’re wearing shapewear. Some tummy control shapewear styles—like shaping leggings—are so subtle that you might even forget you’re wearing shapewear at all.

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