Month 9 - Baby calendar 

Month 9

Baby playtime is now becoming much more interesting. She will love to play in more advanced ways, such as stacking blocks, cups, and rings. She may enjoy filling and emptying containers with water, though this can be quite messy! It won't just be her own toys that she wants to play with, and you'll be saying "no!" very often, which she might even repeat back at you!

She will now be able to crawl upstairs, so make sure all stairways are secured with babygates, this is vitally important. She could possibly be taking a few steps unaided now, and should be able to walk small distances if she has something or someone to hold onto.

Now is really a great time to give her a variety of toys to stimulate all her senses - musical toys, animal noise toys, toys with different textures, patterns, colours, and shapes. Varied food is now a good idea - she'll appreciate trying out all different flavours and smells.

  • Baby will now be very proficient at pulling herself up from sitting to standing, and may take a few steps on her own.
  • She will understand "no" but this may be more from your tone of voice rather than understanding the word itself. She will be able to understand some simple commands.
  • She is starting to understand that when you leave you will always come back, and so separation anxiety will be a little less severe now.
  • She'll enjoy playing with toys with faces, such as animal toys, and more animated toys such as balls, exercisers, toys which stack up, and simple books with bright bold pictures.

Children in month 9

Birthdays of children who are now 9 months old are from Tuesday 7 Feb. 2023 through Monday 6 Mar. 2023.