Month 8 - Baby calendar 

Month 8

Baby's crawling will be coming along now, and you may find you turn around, blink your eyes, and she's made it all the way to the kitchen! More bumps and scrapes are possible, and she'll be finding all sorts of trouble, so make sure you have really baby-proofed everything you can. She will also be standing, assisted, more often and for longer periods of time. Make sure she has a good variety of toys to really help her development along. If she's not quite crawling by now don't panic; every baby develops differently!

She may now be shy around strangers, where once she was so confident and bold, and could become upset if left with a babysitter or relative she doesn't know very well - this is the beginnings of separation anxiety, but in time she will learn that leaving her is only temporary and that you'll always come back.

She'll now also probably be mastering her pincer hold - picking up small objects between her thumb and first two fingers, so keep an extra special eye on her finding little pieces and items on the floor where you were oh so sure there was nothing!

  • She will probably be crawling, standing with assistance, and bottom-shuffling across the floor. She might be able to stand on her own for a second or two.
  • She now is starting to understand that objects have functions and jobs that they do. She will start to grasp that small items can fit inside larger ones, like toys going into their box, and will know the names of some things that you have taught her.
  • Baby will display strong emotions now, like anger, frustration, happiness, joy, etcetera. She may also show glimpses of empathy - being happy when you are happy, and upset if you cry.
  • Her clarity of vision and her depth perception are now fully developed, and her hearing will be excellent now.
  • Now is a good time to introduce some larger pieces of food, but make sure they are not too large and don't have any skins, seeds, or other tricky bits in them. It's important to always watch them while they eat.


Children in month 8

Birthdays of children who are now 8 months old are from Monday 22 May. 2023 through Wednesday 21 Jun. 2023.