Month 7 - Baby calendar 

Month 7

Baby will now be getting a lot better with using his hands, which means he could learn to give himself a drink from a two-handed cup. Clapping may also come quite soon, as he is gaining more precise control of his limbs. It also means that finger foods may now be on the menu - little bits of bread, or pieces of cooked vegetables like carrots or parsnip are perfect for trying this out. Always keep both eyes on baby while he feeds himself, and familiarise yourself with what to do if he chokes or isn't sure of something in his mouth.

He may now be able to take a little weight on his legs if he is supported in some way, such as holding onto you or a chair. Exercisers are a great option now, as is bouncing play where you support his weight under his arms and let him "bounce" up and down - this will really help strengthen his legs and coordination.

His teething may be coming along now, and probably a few teeth are showing through. Keep offering teething toys and rings, or he'll be chewing your fingers when he gets hold of them!

  • Baby can now turn around while seated to grab a toy or object that he wants, and can scoop with one hand and also transfer items easily from one hand to another.
  • He may be crawling now, or at least attempting to, and can take some weight on his legs as long as he is properly supported. It's possible also that he can stand up from a sitting position, again if supported.
  • He'll be very curious about the world now, and will want to see as many different sights as he can - take him out and show him lots of different things.
  • His memory will now be improving, and he'll understand some things better - like jack-in-the-box popping up when the music stops. He'll enjoy games like keeky-boo and may be able to sort his toys into groups.
  • He may wave bye-bye, understand different tones of voice from you, and possibly be able to say ma-ma or da-da.


Children in month 7

Birthdays of children who are now 7 months old are from Thursday 22 Jun. 2023 through Friday 21 Jul. 2023.