Month 6

The half year mark! We bet time really has flown, and baby will have changed so much in such a short span of time. Many babies are now sitting up on their own, and a few will even try to crawl. Give this plenty of encouragement by setting out toys and other little rewards across the room.

She may also have started teething by now, as many babies have started by six months. Although sometimes tricky to spot, there area a few telltale signs: drooling, crying, and biting down on anything she can get her hands on. Teething toys and rings will help soothe and ease any discomfort she will be feeling.

Baby might also start showing signs that she want to start on solid foods, which means things are about to get even messier! Talk with your doctor or healthcare specialist to make sure she's ready, and also to get advice on what mushy foods she can start on.

  • Baby can pull objects towards herself, transfer items from one hand to another, and will look around for any object she drops.
  • She'll most likely be sitting up on her own, rolling around with ease, rocking around when placed on her tummy, and will dig her fingers and toes into the floor to try to push and grab something she wants.
  • Her vision and hearing will almost be fully formed now; and she'll want to hear as many different sounds as she can. She'll also begin craving attention from others, and understands that her actions can bring this about.
  • She can now babble in slightly more advanced ways, and also let you know what she needs without simply crying. She will enjoy toys with different sensory rewards, such as toys that light up, make a noise, or can be grabbed and felt.


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Children in month 6

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