Month 5 - Baby calendar 

Month 5

Baby is becoming much more expressive now, and much more affectionate, too. He will give you kisses and cuddles, laugh when you make faces and noises for her, and will hold his arms out to you when he wants to be picked up and held. He may watch you very closely when you talk to him, because he is taking in as much information about language as he can.

It's now past time to childproof your home, because he can roll around basically at will now. Get everything out of reach which could pose any danger - electrical sockets should be made safe, cabinets, drawers, and wardrobes should have locks on them. He may also be developing a natural fear of strangers about now, so give him time to new people and do not force him on anyone who he is scared of.

  • Baby will be able to find tiny objects around the environment, their eyesight is getting very good, and it's important you watch for this as everything baby finds will go to his mouth.
  • He'll be rolling regularly now, can sit for longer periods with a little bit of help, and hold his head perfectly steady when doing so.
  • He will giggle a lot, will be able to distinguish the direction of sounds and may begin copying any sounds and gestures you make while talking or playing with them.
  • Baby will be babbling by now, making all sorts of nonsense sounds as he gets a grasp on communication, and will love watching you talk.


Children in month 5

Birthdays of children who are now 5 months old are from Wednesday 7 Jun. 2023 through Thursday 6 Jul. 2023.